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Experts at the UCLA Brain Tumor Center are using science and technology to improve outcomes and quality of life for brain tumor patients. We have earned an international reputation through our work, which includes developing new therapies and treatment technologies.

Renowned Brain Tumor Research at UCLA Health

Dr. Linda Liau looking at a test tube.

UCLA is one of the top five brain tumor research programs in the country. We are part of an elite group of researchers that includes other divisions within the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, our Brain Research Institute and preeminent research agencies such as the National Institutes of Health.

We have the best and brightest researchers exploring every aspect of brain tumor care. Areas that our research focuses on include:

  • Targeted therapies: These treatments include medications and other substances based on the unique molecular makeup of the tumor. We were the first program to use certain types of targeted therapies, including a brain tumor vaccine (DCVax®). Learn more about the innovative treatments we offer.
  • Imaging: Our history of innovation includes developing new imaging tests, such as positron emission tomography (PET scan). We’re continuing this tradition by developing new techniques that give us even more information about the tumor. Learn more about advanced testing available in our magnetic resonance research labs.
  • Technology: We continue to develop new brain tumor treatment technologies, such as the Novalis Tx® Stereotactic Radiosurgery System. This system delivers highly precise treatment, even if you breathe or move slightly during your session. Learn more about radiation oncology technologies available at UCLA.
  • Quality: UCLA is proud to be one of few programs in the country examining the quality of brain tumor care. From delivering treatments to communication within our team of experts, we are finding ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We’re also researching the effect your treatments have on your quality of life.
  • Brain tumor pathology: Our dedicated neuropathologists perform the most complete molecular analysis of tumor tissue available. We combine this information with the vast collection of brain tumor care data in our BTTR database to know which trials are best for you.

We evaluate all of our brain tumor patients to determine if they could benefit from a clinical trial. If you are eligible, we take the time to explain the risks and benefits of participating. Read our clinical trial FAQ.

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