Brain Tumor Treatments

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At UCLA, we recognize that just as each patient is different, so is each tumor. Our team of experts considers the genetic makeup of the brain tumor in developing your personalized treatment plan. We are one of few programs in the country using such a meticulous approach.

What to Expect: Brain Tumor Treatments at UCLA

From gliomas to meningiomas, we deliver comprehensive care for any brain tumor. Part of what makes us unique is the expertise we’ve gained through research and clinical trials. Our experience researching all aspects of brain tumor care helps us determine the best treatment for the tumor.

Our team includes dedicated neuropathologists who examine tumor tissue at the molecular level. This analysis is coupled with treatment data housed in our BTTR database and allows us to predict how you may respond to different treatments. We are one of the few programs in the country with these capabilities. 

Your brain tumor treatment may include:

  • Biologics: Our therapies include vaccines that boost your body’s natural ability to fight tumor cells, as well as other types of immunotherapy. We also offer targeted therapy aimed at parts of cancer cells or their functions. Learn more about biologics.
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses chemicals and other manmade substances to fight cancer cells. We offer the complete range of chemotherapy agents for brain tumors, with innovative delivery methods and individualized molecular testing. This approach gives you the best possible treatment.  
  • Neurosurgery: As one of the top-ranked neurosurgery programs in the country, we safely offer brain tumor removal for tumors once thought to be inoperable.
  • Minimally invasive neurosurgery: Offering a level of expertise that comes from pioneering today’s most promising techniques, we’re able to achieve some brain tumor removals using minimally invasive neurosurgery.
  • Radiation oncology: We offer a range of innovative brain tumor radiation oncology therapies, including stereotactic radiosurgery, and new techniques that can treat multiple metastatic targets simultaneously, providing more time-efficient and patient-centered care. We deliver this treatment using the Novalis Tx® Stereotactic Radiosurgery System, which our team helped develop.

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