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All of our brain tumor patients receive state-of-the-art imaging, including some techniques (such as advanced brain mapping) found only at UCLA. These advanced imaging capabilities help our team deliver precise diagnoses, perform safer procedures and more accurately assess responses to treatment.

UCLA Brain Tumor Center: Advanced Brain Tumor Imaging Capabilities

As national brain imaging leaders, we offer the most sophisticated and advanced imaging tests and interpretations available today. These results give us accurate information about the tumor, which helps us personalize your care.
Highlights of our program include:

Patient in an MRI
  • Expertise: Our team includes some of the nation’s top magnetic resonance and functional imaging experts. This expertise helps us offer advanced testing and unique methods for interpreting your studies.  
  • Technology: We offer the highest performing 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners.
  • Brain Mapping: The UCLA Brain Mapping Center offers unique testing capabilities. Here we determine how treatments could affect areas of your brain connected to critical functions, such as those that control breathing and memory. Also known as brain mapping, this testing was developed by experts at UCLA. Brain mapping helps us avoid or minimize disruption to these critical areas during treatment.
  • Imaging analysis: Using special tools and software (post processing), we offer sophisticated imaging analysis. These methods include mathematical modeling to determine how fast tumors are growing. We also use image fusion techniques to create a three-dimensional map of your brain. No other program is capable of offering this level of detailed analysis.

Learn more about advanced imaging and brain mapping at UCLA.

Brain Imaging Research at UCLA

Through active research, we’re advancing the field of brain imaging. These efforts include:

  • Leading international research: UCLA imaging experts are leading a world effort to standardize procedures for basic MRI tests. This work improves accuracy and has been adopted by leading centers around the world.
  • Developing a brain tumor atlas: Our imaging experts are part of an effort at UCLA to document how the characteristics of the brain tumor, including genetic information, relate to the effectiveness of your treatment. This initiative is helping us develop an atlas to predict treatment outcomes. 
  • Evaluating new imaging techniques: The Magnetic Resonance Research Labs at UCLA are an advanced imaging center where experts from our Department of Radiology perform novel research. We are developing new imaging techniques for examining structures and functions in the human body. This includes work looking at the brain and brain tumors.

Learn more about the Brain Tumor Center’s research and clinical trials.

UCLA Brain Tumor Center: How We Use Imaging to Direct Your Care

When you have a brain tumor, imaging tests provide information to help us diagnose the condition and guide important decisions about your care.

These tests help us:

  • Pinpoint the location of the tumor: One of the greatest challenges in treating brain tumors is pinpointing their precise location. The broad range of imaging technologies available at UCLA helps us accurately locate the tumor and examine its fine details. This information, along with treatment data from our vast BTTR database, helps us evaluate the best possible treatments for your needs.
  • Plan treatments: Whether you need radiation oncology or neurosurgery, brain imaging studies give us important information to help plan your treatment. Tests may include functional brain mapping or examining the unique biological makeup of the tumor.
  • Assess your response to treatment: The only way to know if the tumor is stable or progressing is through an MRI. MRIs show us the size and shape of the tumor. This information helps us know when to adjust current treatments or try something new.

With imaging facilities throughout the Los Angeles area, we make it easy for you to get the tests you need. Contact us to learn more about an imaging location near you.

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