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Since 1991, UCLA has been committed to providing brain tumor patients with compassionate care and the best available treatments. This work has resulted in innovations in all aspects of brain tumor care and recognition from leading organizations in brain tumor care and research.  

Recognition for UCLA’s World-Class Brain Tumor Care 

From imaging to neuropathology and neurosurgery, our team includes some of the world’s leading experts in brain tumor care. We’re honored to have our contributions recognized by peers, industry groups and leading research organizations.

This recognition includes:

  • Ranking among the nation’s top ten programs for cancer and neurology and neurosurgery, according to U.S. News & World Report.
  • Having multiple experts on our team rank among the top 5 percent of physicians in the country and voted Best Doctors in their specialty. 
  • Having multiple experts on our team voted Super Doctors by a blue ribbon panel of their peers.
  • Being a member of the North American Brain Tumor Consortium, a preeminent multi-center research group.
  • Earning the prestigious “comprehensive” designation from the National Cancer Institute. This recognition signifies our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in education, basic science, clinical research, cancer prevention and patient care.
  • Being among the top five programs in the country in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding awards for neurosurgery, most of which is dedicated to brain tumor research.
  • Being among the top five programs in NIH research funding awards for radiation oncology. This research includes efforts to improve cognitive functioning in patients who undergo brain tumor treatments. 
  • Holding board leadership positions in academic journals, professional societies and industry groups. These groups include the National Brain Tumor Society, the American Board of Neurosurgery and the American Society for Radiation Oncology. 

The UCLA Brain Tumor Center: History of Firsts

We are advancing the field of brain tumor care through research and clinical trials. These efforts have led to many new treatments, giving hope to patients for whom traditional therapies have not been successful.

Our history of firsts includes:

  • Personalized cancer vaccines: Our program was the first to offer personalized vaccines based on the genetic makeup of a patient’s tumor and immune system (dendritic cells). Our research also helped us identify patients who are most likely to respond to this type of treatment, which is also known as DCVax®. Learn more about biologics.
  • Viral gene therapy: Using certain targeted therapies, we were the first offering therapies to block the growth and spread of tumors. This advance includes developing a viral gene therapy for malignant gliomas known as Toca-511™. Learn more about biologics.
  • Awake craniotomy and brain mapping: Our neurosurgeons were the first to perform intraoperative (during surgery) awake mapping of brain functions, such as listening to music. This approach ensures we completely remove the tumor and preserve tissue in areas that control critical functions. Learn more about awake craniotomy.
  • New radiotherapy techniques: Developed by UCLA researchers and being evaluated in clinical trials, 4 pi (π) radiotherapy potentially offers precision treatments for an aggressive strain of gliomas known as glioblastoma.
  • New medications for glioblastomas: UCLA led the first clinical trials testing a new glioblastoma medication (Avastin®). Also known as an anti-angiogenesis agent, this medication prevents tumors from growing new blood vessels, which slows their growth. Learn more about treatments.
  • A brain tumor bio-repository: Currently the largest database of its kind, our BTTR database is a powerful tool in the fight against brain tumors.

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