Preparing for Discharge

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Hospital Discharge

Will I receive information on my planned discharge on a daily basis?

  • Your discharge plan will be discussed with you on a daily basis by the multidisciplinary team to ensure that all your needs are addressed in anticipation of your discharge from the hospital.
  • Using one-on-one education sessions and written documents, we will ensure that you are ready for a safe return home, or if necessary, a transfer to another facility.
  • The team caring for you will let you know the day before discharge that you should be able to be discharged from the hospital the next day.             
  • If you have any concerns about resuming normal activities, clearance to work, driving, or air travel, please contact your surgeon before your hospitalization.      

What do I need to know about the day of discharge from the hospital?

  • Check-out time is before 11 am: If you are being discharged to home, it is important that you make arrangements for your family member or coach to arrive before 10 am on the day of discharge.
  • Your team will be reviewing all the important information points with you and your coach prior to your discharge. You will also be receiving a discharge packet that contains all the information for your safe return home.
  • At-home care, rehabilitation, physical therapy and any other outpatient services that you may need following your surgery will be coordinated prior to your discharge from the hospital.
  • Prior to discharge from the hospital, you will be given prescriptions to fill at your pharmacy. As an alternative, you may choose to have your prescriptions filled at the hospital pharmacy.  Some prescriptions may only be available at certain pharmacies.
  • A pharmacist is available to bring your medications directly to your room. Counseling is available for all new medications. Please make sure you or your coach have some form of payment for the prescription co-payments on the day of discharge.

Outpatient surgery

How will I get home after my outpatient surgery?

  • If you will not be spending a night in the hospital, it is your responsibility to have someone accompany you home at the time of discharge. If assistance is needed with transportation, contact our patient affairs department at (310) 267-9113; they can provide information about available support services. Transportation should be arranged prior to your surgery.
  • For all patients requiring an overnight stay on the second floor, the scheduled discharge time is 8 am. Please make the necessary arrangements to have someone at the hospital before that time.