Follow Up Appointments

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Follow-up appointments with your physician

How do I schedule follow-up appointments?

Our nurse navigators and care coordinators will work with you to schedule appointments that are both timely and best fit your calendar. Our clinics have been arranged to allow for coordination between the multiple departments, making it more convenient for you to receive the necessary care in a timely fashion. Our coordinated team will reach out to you to discuss your appointment schedule, but you can always contact them with any questions or requests.

How often will I require follow-up scans?

Follow-up-imaging requirements will vary depending on your diagnosis and treatment plan. You should expect that a postoperative image (typically an MRI) will be performed at the hospital immediately after your surgery. Even if you do not need postoperative treatments, you likely will need imaging tests at regular intervals to check for any changes in the tumor. The neuro-oncology team will plan these follow-ups with you. If you will be receiving radiation therapy, an MRI and CT-simulation will be performed within 2-3 weeks after your discharge. Your physician will order images at regular intervals to validate the treatment effectiveness and to check for any tumor progression.