About Prostate Cancer Treatment at UCLA Health

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Why choose UCLA for prostate cancer treatment?

The UCLA Prostate Cancer Program brings together the elements essential to ensure the best outcome for each and every patient: a skilled team of physicians, the most advanced technologies available, and an innovative research program dedicated to finding the best ways to diagnose and treat prostate cancer specific to each patient's cancer stage, lifestyle and other personal factors. We treat the whole patient, not just the cancer.   

Comprehensive and Integrated Care  

UCLA's Prostate Cancer Program offers the latest and most comprehensive care for low-risk, intermediate-risk, high-risk, advanced-stage and recurrent prostate cancer. Our internationally recognized physician-scientists are distinguished leaders in their fields devoted to prostate cancer patient care and research through the  UCLA Department of Urology, the UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology and the  UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.  At UCLA, your physician is part of a whole team of the top specialists in urology, medical oncology, radiology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, and pathology working together to provide the best treatment tailored specifically for you.   

Research Discoveries  

UCLA is at the global frontier of prostate cancer research, drug development and clinical trials. Backed by some of the biggest research funding organizations in the US, our groundbreaking discoveries earn FDA approval and translate into innovative diagnostic tools, ground-breaking treatment options, and better patient care.  

The UCLA Prostate Cancer Program is committed to rapidly translating basic research from the laboratory to the clinic in order to advance care for men with prostate cancer and, as a result, is one of only two centers in the Western United States to be recognized by the National Cancer Institute as a Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE). The UCLA Prostate Cancer Program is also a leader in providing clinical trial opportunities for men with all stages of prostate cancer, enabling our patients to have access to the newest and most innovative drugs and therapies. The results of these clinical trials will provide crucial information for the development of therapies that can improve the clinical outcome of patients with all forms of prostate cancer.  

Innovative Diagnosis and Treatment 

The UCLA Prostate Cancer Program offers a robust array of innovative diagnostic and treatment options to patients with prostate cancer, including: 

  • PSMA PET Imaging for Prostate Cancer, improving prostate cancer detection and treatment
  • Genetic Risk Assessment, tailoring an individualized treatment plan  
  • Robotic-Assisted Prostatectomy, offering minimally invasive surgery with rapid overall recovery  
  • Precision Medicine Program, guiding optimal treatment decisions  
  • Active Surveillance, monitoring with advanced imaging and molecular diagnostics for low-risk cancer  
  • MRI-Guided Biopsy, offering targeted diagnosis of prostate cancer  
  • Immunotherapy / Provenge for advanced disease, utilizing the immune system to identify and target prostate cancer cells  
  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), using ultrasound energy, not radiation, to destroy the targeted, cancerous tissue.  
  • Radiation Therapy, offering new, shorter course protocols  
  • Clinical trials, receiving tomorrow's drugs today for high-risk and advanced disease  

Early detection is key to achieving cure in men with prostate cancer. If you have a confirmed diagnosis or suspect you may have prostate cancer, contact a UCLA urologic cancer specialist by calling 310-794-7700