Marjorie Bach Walsh

Marjorie Bach Walsh

Advisory Board Member

Marjorie Walsh is an Advisory Board Member at the The Simms Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. Recently retired from a career as  Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing in the high tech industry, her most recent professional successes included founding bitMAX, an encoding, aggregating and streaming service for global media clients, and expanding its footprint across the United States as well as into Europe and Southeast Asia.

Marjorie has built revenue streams into the tens of millions for her enterprises as a result of her long term personal friendships in the film and music industries and because she has earned the trust of corporate media executives and content owners with archives worth billions. She is a super-connector and often one of the most engaging, generous and shrewd sales professionals from the boardroom to the breakroom. Marjorie attended John Cabot International University in Rome, Italy, and UCLA.

Presently, she devotes her time to family and horses as well as to various philanthropic and progressive political causes ranging from animal welfare to public broadcasting. Marjorie first came to the Simms Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology as a patient in 2013 when she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. Her experience at the Center included such thoughtful care, patient understanding and devoted kindness that she is entirely grateful and proud to serve its mission as an Advisory Board member.

Marjorie and her husband Joe Walsh live in Los Angeles when not touring the world and look forward to many years supporting this vital and precious resource for families of all backgrounds facing cancer.