Nutritional Well-being: Recipes

Recipes for healthy eating before, during and after cancer treatment

A healthy diet is an essential part of self-care while undergoing cancer treatment. Getting enough nutrients can give you more energy, improve your mood and help you recover more quickly after treatments.

Because our dietitians work exclusively with people who have cancer, we have the deep knowledge and specialized expertise to offer personalized nutritional advice. We are familiar with the side effects of specific cancer medications and how they impact appetite, eating and nutrition.

Through customized nutritional consultations, we offer practical tips and solutions tailored to your symptoms, dietary restrictions, preferences and medical history.  A healthy diet, especially one that centers around plant-based options, may also reduce the risk of cancer returning after treatment.

Our registered dietitians have created several recipes that are nutritious and delicious. Browse recipes below based on a specific diet, meal type or your individual needs.