Online Cancer Support Groups

To best serve our Southern California community, Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology offers virtual group support services. For more information on how to access our groups via Zoom, please contact the Center at 310-794-6644 or email us at [email protected]. Find out what to expect from our Support Groups.

Support Groups for Patients

Young Adult Support Group

A 60-minute weekly support group designed to connect with other younger cancer patients.

Young adults holding hands in a circle
Woman drawing a geometric shape

Healing Through Art

Art therapy group designed to provide opportunities for healing through self‐expression.

Living Beyond Limits

Weekly, ongoing support group for individuals dealing with recurrent or metastatic cancer.

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Women hugging

Women’s Support Group

Weekly group for women who have recently completed active treatment.

Groups for Patients & Family Members

Circle of Reflection

Weekly group that explores spiritual questions in a safe and non‐judgmental space.

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Mindfulness Meditation

A secular practice that facilitates the mind/body connection by cultivating present moment awareness without judgment. It has been proven to enhance health and well-being with people experiencing stress, pain, anxiety, depression and/or illness.

Groups for Family Members & Friends

Bereavement Group (Spouses/Partners)

Group for individuals who have lost a spouse to cancer.

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Spouses/Partners of Women with Breast Cancer

Evening group for partners of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer.

Caregivers Support Group

Weekly support group for caregivers of cancer patients.

Group Meditation at UCLA