Maeve Sullivan, Director of Development

Maeve Sullivan

Director of Development


As the Director of Development, Cancer/Patient Support at the Simms Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology, my primary role involves strategically planning, managing, and executing the center's fundraising program. I focus on raising funds through various avenues, including individual and foundation support. I am dedicated to stewarding the Simms/Mann donor community, bringing a personal connection to the cause as someone personally affected by cancer. My responsibilities extend to collaborating with and supporting various center initiatives.

Professional Experience

I bring nearly a decade of impactful fundraising experience to the field, contributing significantly to distinguished nonprofits throughout my professional journey. This expertise includes a track record of securing crucial support for cancer initiatives, particularly during my tenure at the American Cancer Society. Additionally, I hold certifications in grant writing from UC Berkeley and Candid. Driven by the motivation to positively impact the lives of those affected by cancer and their loved ones, I maintain a steadfast focus on advancing the broader field of cancer care. With a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Hiram College, I have always wanted a career through which I work to leave the world a better place than I found it.

Personal Interests and Perspectives

In my personal life, I like reading fiction for fun, staying active with yoga, and expressing myself through writing. Additionally, I enjoy quality time with loved ones, cooking experiments, and singing in a choir. These activities bring personal fulfillment and offer chances for growth, connection, and a better understanding of the world around me.


I speak Turkish and French. I am half Turkish and have dual citizenship.