Nehchal Matharu, Intern, Simms Mann Center UCLA

Nehchal Matharu



My responsibilities as a doctoral psychology intern include creating a safe space for patients as they navigate their cancer experience. In addition to offering psychosocial support to patients and their loved ones. I also offer referrals for patients connecting them to other resources and groups they may benefit from. My goal this year is to be able to offer care that is both culturally and spiritually sensitive and hold space for patients as they navigate their journey. 

Simms Mann Center Programming

I will be co-presenting cancer support groups at various times this upcoming year including ‘Improving sleep’, ‘improving cancer-related communication’ and ‘art and science grief’ alongside Dr. Elizabeth Clearly.  

Training and Professional Experience

I am currently a fourth-year psychology doctoral student at Loma Linda University in the PsyD program. I have had a variety of experiences in the field of public health, medicine, and psychology including community based programs that help support patients and connect them to resources. Many individuals experience mental health as physical symptoms, one of my special interests in teaching individuals body-based strategies, to help regulate their nervous system, particularly around stressful life events and managing health/chronic illness. I have spent the last few years working with Loma Linda University Preventative Medicine to help patients manage chronic illness and offer support in health behavior change. I have also worked in primary care and rehabilitation clinics, working alongside nurses, physicians, physical therapists, social workers, nutritionists, always working with an interdisciplinary team to help support patients as holistically as possible. 

Personal Interests

I love singing, dancing, reading and drinking tea! I love going out and exploring new places and at the same time enjoy staying in, cooking a nice homemade meal and watching a Bollywood movie. I love to have conversations with people from both similar and different cultural backgrounds about spirituality, energy healing, culture, music, and life in general. 


English, Punjabi; Conversational Hindi & Urdu

Selected Professional Publications and Presentations

I have a special interest in cancer, sleep, pain, culture, and spirituality/religion. 

Kaur, N., Morales, N., White, M., Van Dyk, T.R. (2022, April). Emotional Regulation as a  Moderator of Insomnia Severity and Emotional Eating in Adolescents. Poster presented at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ. 

Morales, N., Kaur, N., Rawal. B. M., White, M., Van Dyk, T.R. (2022, April). The Effect of  Physical Activity on the Relationship between Sleep and Pain in Adolescents. Poster  presented at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, Phoenix,  AZ. 

Narwal, M., Matharu, N. K., Baptista, P. G., Perez, J. E. (2018, April). Religious Coping as  a Predictor of Negative Affect Among Spanish-speaking Latinxs. Poster session presented at the Annual Western Psychological Association Convention, Portland, OR. 

Narwal, M., Guzeman, S., Baptista, P. G., Matharu, N. K., Perez, J. E. (2017, April). Religious  Prayer Types and Depressive Symptoms: A Relationship Explained by Secular Coping. Poster session presented at the Annual Western Psychological Association Convention, Sacramento, CA.