Valentina Ogaryan, PhD

Valentina Ogaryan, PhD

Clinical Director
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


As a clinical psychologist, my role includes providing patients and their families who have been impacted by cancer with different types of psychosocial support. I provide direct patient care in UCLA oncology clinics and at the Simms/Mann Center. I connect patients and their loved one to resources and referrals and advocate to help patients receive the support they need during treatment and survivorship. Additional responsibilities include feeling fortunate to help teach and supervise graduate level psychology and social work students.

Training & Professional Work

After receiving my bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in sociology at the University of California, San Diego, I went to pursue a master’s degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy. While completing my master’s program, I had the opportunity to complete training through community mental health and hospital based settings providing therapy, group support and crisis intervention to children and adults. I received my doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 2017 after completing a pre-doctoral internship at Tarzana Treatment Centers, where I provided individual therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention and psychological evaluation for patients with various psychological disorders in an outpatient and inpatient setting. My dissertation study focused on understanding Armenian American parental attitudes towards children’s mental health services. Throughout my graduate training, I have also had the opportunity to work at PCH Treatment Center in a variety of roles, including assistant clinical director and residence director.

Personal Interests and Perspectives

I am particularly passionate about providing culturally congruent care in a way that highlights and celebrates our identities and communities. I am immensely grateful that I can do work that helps cultivate meaning making and connection.

I come from a very close-knit Armenian family and try to spend time with them as much as possible. In addition, I feel incredibly blessed to have a great group of friends with whom I share a variety of interests. Whenever I can, I enjoy spending time getting lost in museums, baking (new recipes are always welcome!) and traveling (especially out of the country).