What you need to know about cancer and nutrition: March webinar

New monthly education series aims to demystify cancer nutrition.
Emma Veilleux and Deborah Hong
Emma Veilleux, RDN (left) and Deborah Hong, RDN are set to launch monthly cancer and nutrition education webinar. (Photo by John McCoy/ UCLA Health)

Cancer diagnoses often come with a barrage of nutrition myths that can overwhelm and confuse patients and their families. For example, ‘Can the consumption of sugar fuel the growth and spread of cancer cells?’ or ‘Does consuming all organic or natural foods prevent or cure cancer?’

Starting Wednesday, March 13th, 2024, the Simms Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology is launching a groundbreaking monthly education webinar. “Nutrition & Cancer: What You Need to Know” is designed to shed light on the complex topic of nutrition for cancer survivors. 

Open to both UCLA patients and the public, the initiative represents a significant step towards empowering individuals with accurate and actionable nutrition information post-cancer diagnosis, according to Emma Veilleux, RDN, and Deborah Hong, RDN.

"There's a lot of confusion about nutrition and what the best way forward is for people dealing with a cancer diagnosis," Veilleux, the senior dietitian supervisor, says. “We’re planning to tackle some of the myths that are persistent around what people should or shouldn’t be eating after they receive a cancer diagnosis”.

Flexibility is key to the webinar's approach, with Veilleux and Hong planning to adapt future sessions based on audience feedback and concerns. This interactive format ensures that the content remains relevant and responsive to the needs of cancer survivors. 

"We're hoping that the nutrition workshops can be a place to reach people," Veilleux says. “Hopefully, UCLA patients will be inspired to make an appointment for a personalized consult after attending the workshop.”

The first webinar session will run for 90 minutes, with an hour of content followed by ample time for questions and answers. The webinar will also be recorded and made available on the Simms Mann website, ensuring that those who cannot attend live can still benefit from the valuable information shared. 

Veilleux's passion for nutrition education has been a driving force behind this initiative. 

"Simms Mann is already putting on regular workshops around topics like Sleep Management,   Stress Reduction, and Navigating the Cost of Cancer.  Nutrition is definitely a topic that a lot of people have an interest in.” she says. “Integrating a nutrition workshop into the mix has always been part of the broader plan since I started with Simms Mann Center about a year ago.”

Veilleux emphasizes the importance of providing attendees with trusted resources for further research. In an age where the internet is awash with unqualified nutritional advice, she and Hong see the webinar as a beacon of reliable, expert guidance for those navigating the challenging waters of cancer treatment, survivorship and nutrition. 

“This will hopefully be a good first step towards answering some of the questions that people have about nutrition when they receive a cancer diagnosis,” she says. 




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