Integrative Oncology

Using a whole-person approach to cancer care, our team offers information, education and support. Working alongside your medical team, we’re dedicated to enhancing the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of people touched by cancer.

Art therapy for integrative oncology program
Integrative Oncology services at UCLA Health

UCLA Health approach to integrative oncology

The Simms Mann Center at UCLA Health for Integrative Oncology is a national model for whole-person psychosocial cancer care and support. We offer education, counseling, guidance and a wide range of interactive programs to ease the burden of cancer on you and your loved ones.

The Simms Mann Center is part of the UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and the division of hematology/oncology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Our programs and services enhance the exceptional medical care you'll receive at UCLA Health.

Compassionate experts focus on helping patients strengthen their coping skills and address the connections between the mind, body and spirit. We're by your side to support your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Highlights of the Center include:

Collaborative approach to wellness: We work alongside your UCLA Health oncology specialists to offer comprehensive support and manage the many challenges that come with cancer treatment. Our goal is to help you optimize your wellness through the course of your treatment.

Specially trained team: Our team includes experts in mental health and counseling, nutrition, mindfulness, mind-body healing and spiritual care. We work together to bring you compassionate care and services tailored to your needs.

Accessible services and support: Most of our programs and services are free to patients and their loved ones. These include support groups, workshops and individual supportive care available at your clinic or via telehealth.

Our integrative cancer care services

You and your loved ones are able to access a range of integrative oncology services. Our program includes:

The Center's services and programs focus on the connection between the mind, body and soul to support healing and enhance well-being. We are proud to offer:

Psychosocial support

Our dedicated psychologists, oncology social workers and mind/body specialists provide individual supportive care to patients and loved ones. We aim to reduce the psychological and emotional stress of cancer by offering patients and their family members the necessary tools to navigate the cancer journey.

Our compassionate team also provides mindfulness and relaxation exercises and other techniques. These exercises help you cope with acute stresses, such as waiting for scan results or preparing for surgery, that are often part of the cancer trajectory. You have access to a number of educational workshops that address challenges with sleep and anxiety. Our team also offers several specific, ongoing groups for those with advanced cancer, caregivers or survivors.

Psychiatric support

We understand the many challenges that often go hand-in-hand with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our team includes a dedicated psychiatrist specifically trained in oncology care who has experience helping people with depression, anxiety, sleep issues and mood changes that can occur during treatment and recovery.

Individualized treatment plans may include medications to improve mood, concentration and energy. Our specially trained team is by your side with customized plans to boost your emotional well-being.

Spiritual support

Our chaplains walk beside you and your loved ones throughout your cancer experience. Addressing all religious denominations and spiritual backgrounds, this compassionate team offers personalized help navigating what a cancer diagnosis and treatment means for you. We're here to listen, offer guidance and help you explore deeper questions that often arise in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

Our team of social workers and psychologists work closely with your oncologists to offer spiritual support. Our goal is to provide you with a calm, caring presence that has a positive impact on your recovery and wellness.

Group support

Our group programs promote learning in a community of others who may benefit from sharing similar experiences. We offer educational workshops to address challenges with sleep or anxiety. These workshops also focus on enhancing communication among your care team and family. We also provide groups for caregivers, survivors and people with advanced cancer.

Nutrition and wellness services

Through a cancer diagnosis and treatment, daily needs like meals can take on new significance. Our integrative oncology specialists offer individual nutritional guidance for people with cancer and those with an increased risk of cancer.

This personalized program includes education about nutrition and strategies to optimize wellness during treatment and recovery. We assess your overall health and deliver tailored wellness plans. If you're at risk of cancer, we offer preventive services that include nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Workshops, classes and support groups we offer

Sharing your experiences with others can have a significant impact on your well-being. These interactions can also help family members and friends of people who have cancer.

Our compassionate team provides several opportunities to share with others and learn from experts in various fields. We've seen time and again how beneficial these group settings can be for the physical and emotional healing process. We offer:

Cancer support groups

Our support groups focus on coping, healing, recovering and thriving. They help patients as well as their friends, family members and partners. Experts lead these groups, which include:

Mindfulness meditation: This practice focuses on the mind/body connection to improve mood, boost the immune system and reduce stress. In a supportive group setting, we help people with cancer reduce pain, anxiety and depression using techniques that allow you to live in the present moment.

Circle of Reflection: We understand that cancer affects more than just the body. This group focuses on addressing the deeper spiritual questions that often arise during a cancer journey. Our Center's chaplains help patients and loved ones explore these questions and gain peace in a safe, welcoming environment.

Healing Through Art: This art therapy workshop encourages people with cancer to express their thoughts, concerns and emotions using different mediums. The group provides opportunities for healing through self-expression, creativity and discussion.

Spouses and Partners of Women with Cancer: We understand that partners often navigate their own parallel cancer journeys. This group focuses on helping spouses and partners deal with the unique challenges of loving, supporting and caring for a woman with cancer.

Living Beyond Limits: People who are living with metastatic or recurrent cancer come together to offer mutual support, encouragement and coping skills. We also share information about navigating medical care and ways to reduce pain and anxiety.

Bereavement support group: Spouses and loved ones who have recently lost someone to cancer come together to share their experiences and offer support. Connecting with people who understand what you've been through can help you heal. This group offers hope during a challenging time.

Cancer workshops, classes and presentations

Our classes and workshops are based on the needs of patients and their families. We listen to your feedback and concerns and create programs that encourage you on the path to healing. Some of our classes and workshops have included:

Better sleep workshop: Insomnia and other sleep disturbances often affect people with cancer. Medication side effects, pain and anxiety can cause trouble with sleep or staying asleep. We help you rest better with cognitive behavioral strategies and meditation. 

Overcoming cognitive challenges: Our compassionate experts work with you to improve brain (cognitive) function following cancer treatment. We show you how to improve your thinking, reasoning and memory using real-world, effective strategies.

Presurgical education class: This comprehensive class is for women undergoing breast surgery at UCLA Health. Our experienced staff helps you prepare for surgery, including what to expect before and after surgery. We offer support and tools for you to manage the medical, practical and emotional aspects of surgery and recovery.

Rippling Reflections: This unique workshop helps people focus on the memories, values and hopes they will leave for their loved ones and future generations. We address the idea of building a legacy through creative engagement, incorporating elements of mindfulness, music therapy and expressive arts. Our goal is to work with you to transform an overwhelming experience into one that is soulful and reflective.

Stress-reduction workshop: We offer relaxation techniques and mindfulness tips to help you reduce and manage stress that can come with a cancer diagnosis. This workshop is open to patients and their loved ones.

Tree of Life Fulfillment workshop: We harness the power of the imagination to help you reflect on how you can lead a rich and meaningful life in the face of cancer. Health care providers have proven that trees in a medical setting offer people peace, strength and hope while improving their mood. We use guided imagery and ecotherapy to help you tap into your creative side and promote resilience.

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Our specially trained team includes psychosocial oncology experts in social work, psychology psychiatry, spiritual care and mind/body modalities. We focus on the mind/body connection to guide patients, family members and friends through the cancer journey. Meet our team.

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Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonial from the Simms Mann Center for Integrative Oncology

“ My husband and I are forever grateful for your guidance. We told the kids, and everything went smoothly. If it weren’t for Simms/Mann, I’m sure we would have said too much and not enough. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Patient testimonial from the Simms Mann Center for Integrative Oncology

“Therapists at Simms/Mann Center have been remarkable in helping me to cope, to grow and to live a happier life.”

Patient testimonial from the Simms Mann Center for Integrative Oncology

“No matter how good the medicine is, quality of life is everything.... Every service at Simms/Mann helped me live life to the fullest.”

Patient testimonial from the Simms Mann Center for Integrative Oncology

“I met people I probably would never ever have met. And that was a real gift in my life.”