Care Compliments

Kevork K.

Dr. Kevork Kazanjian and his team are absolutely amazing and I am very thankful for the results of the sigmoid colectomy he performed on me. He truly is an amazing and gifted doctor with a very friendly and supportive team. I'm grateful and feel lucky to have come under his care.

By: Peter K.

Gabriel Z.

Gabriel is very attentive, kind and present with patients. I was surprised he had only worked at Stein Eye for 3 months as he fully embodies CICARE

By: Wendy T.


Kiara was extremely patient with my father during his MRI. He is claustrophobic and is in a lot of pain due to stage 4 cancer. My father (the patient) told me that her patience and compassion were the only reason he could complete the MRI. I am a nurse practitioner, and I would like to thank you for your great patient care, it is noticed and appreciated.

By: Martha R.

Desiree B.

Desiree is very intentional and knowledgeable about mobility. She is very encouraging and caring. She has truly encouraged me to walk and regain my strength. I give her a 10/10.

By: Dalia G.

Sierra V.

Therapist was extremely knowledgeable with hand placements and how to take my stress off my body. She truly made me feel relaxed and has hands of an angel. She allowed me to get in a really peaceful mindset.

By: Dalia G.

Patricia C.

Thank you Dr. Patricia Chang for always making me feel heard during my appointments!
Dr. Chang is a great primary care provider - we have gotten to know each other through the years and I always look forward to my appointments with her. She is very attentive, respectful and knowledgable.

By: Maite M.

Janet G.

Our CP Janet is just lovely. She was so helpful today and made my stay so much better. Kudos for hiring someone like Janet.

By: Bonnie E.

Jennifer S.

Jennifer was fantastic each time she had me on her shift. She took the time to make sure I was ok and that I had everything I needed and to minimize my pain. She was very very pleasant as well.

By: Elizabeth B.

Robert M.

Robert was outstanding each time he was responsible for my care during my 10 day stay in GOU. He was very attentive to my needs, and explained things well to help me understand the treatment I was receiving. He really went above and beyond what was to be expected.

By: Elizabeth B.

Dr. Long, Dr. Kerr N.

My husband had a scheduled laryngectomy but arrived through ER due to complications on. ER team was excellent!
Compliments to the surgeons, Dr. Long and Dr. Kerr, who performed the surgeries. We can't say enough about the doctors and their expertise!
Mostly, we would like to give thanks to the nurses who tended to my husband's recovery post-surgery. Watching them work so diligently, efficiently, and with utmost patient care was heartwarming.
I wrote the names of the nurses down but have misplaced my notepad through all my travels back and forth to the hospital 🙁 From day 1, the nurse who brought my husband a bed with air mattress, the nurses who kept coming in to check on his vitals, change his gown, bedding, check on all his IV's and, most importantly, how he was doing with his stoma care.
Additional attention was given to my husband because he's also a kidney/pancreas recipient (also UCLA) and type 1 diabetic. So much going on with my husband's health!
We give many, many thanks to the nurses, ER Dr. Long and Dr. Kerr.

By: Gayle T.


Our family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center ICU team for the professional and caring manner displayed during her short stay with you.
You were all so kind and genuine in all aspects towards our family and more importantly towards my family member.
I know there are many team members that we did not have direct contact with, but special mention must be made to: Dr. Young, Dr. Hong, Candyce, Evan, Ryo, Ryan, Cecelia and Brett ... thank you.
You all made this difficult experience somewhat comforting for us, and to know that she was under your tender care.
Sincere thanks to all.

By: Bruce S.

Timothy C.

I wanted to thank Tim for going the extra mile to help get my husband scheduled. He was very accommodating and was great at following up with me on a daily basis until we were able to find an available appointment in a short time frame.

By: Frances E.

Jade H.

Mrs. Hart was an incredible help over the phone and went above and beyond with assisting me with all of my inquiries. When I found out that it was her first day in that department I was so amazed! I am sure that she will continue to excel in this and any other department that she works in.

By: Evie L.

Joselyn N.

CP during the day shift Joselyn was so caring and compassionate she brought a big smile to my day she made sure I was able to get clean and I stay comfortable every day she made me feel safe and cared for.

By: Gloria J.

6 West N.

I want to thank the nurses and care partners of 6 West. In particular, the Care Partners: Benjamin and Geraldine; and the Nurses: Czarina, Christopher, and Anthony. They went above and beyond. Thank you so much for your care and commitment to helping me.

By: Nathaniel D.

Lorena R.

I had to get an echocardiogram and I wasn't sure what to expect. So I was a little anxious. I met with the EKG tech Lorena Ruiz who displayed a caring professionalism and excellence that best exemplifies UCLA. As she spoke to me in detail on the timing and process she was a calming presence amidst a worrisome time. Ms. Ruiz thoroughly went over the cables, stickers and how the test would proceed. I really appreciated her detailed instructions and professional calm manor. She had it all under control and I'm confident knowing that I'm in the BEST hands at UCLA and that this quality of care continues throughout the hospital.

By: Robert E.

Judy M.

I had to get an echocardiogram and I wasn't sure what to expect. So I was a little anxious. I first met with Nurse Judy who displayed a professionalism, caring and excellence that UCLA best exemplifies. As she spoke to me about the process and later did the echocardiogram ultrasound she was a calming presence amidst a stressful time. Later she patiently explained some of the results to me and gently walked me through the next steps. I really appreciated her caring calm manor. I'm confident knowing that I'm in the BEST hands and that this quality of care continues throughout UCLA medical.

By: Robert E.

Jorge M.

Wonderful employee very intelligent, great teacher and goes beyond what is considerate normal in teaching and educating patients how to get the most out of treatments for lung health, he takes his time to teach and check for comprehension of best practices for lung health. Excellent rapport with his patients as well.

By: Leigh S.

James W.

I saw Dr. James Wu for papillary thyroid cancer, and he was the third doctor I met with to discuss my surgery and options. He took his time, explained everything thoroughly, and was willing to take the most conservative approach, which was to remove my isthmus only. He answered a couple of questions I had by email almost immediately during the pre-op stage, and on the day of surgery, he met with me before surgery and assured me that all would go well. I really felt confident that I was in the best of hands. Following surgery, I was relieved to find out that they were able to remove only the isthmus, as I had hoped for, and he felt confident they got all margins. He called me 2 days later as soon as he had the pathology results to let me know it was successful, and I was able to get on a plane and go on a work trip only 5 days post-surgery. My incision and scar is small and minimal, and overall I am just so happy with Dr. Wu's level of care, ease of scheduling appointments, etc. I will need to follow up with him over the next several years and there's no other doctor I would want to go through this process with than Dr. Wu. Also, the surgical center at UCLA and the whole nursing team were so organized, clean, caring, and attentive, I never felt like just another number. So happy with my experience and happy to be completely healthy now. For any thyroid needs, I would highly recommend Dr. Wu.

By: Maria D.

Lauren U.

I was very nervous coming in for my procedure. Once walking in to the surgical suite waiting room I was greeted by Lauren. Her kindness to me and my father was amazing. It made me feel more comfortable being there. She got us all the information for my father to be able to track my progress so he could let my family know how I was doing. It was how kind she was that stood out to me and really made me feel welcomed and comfortable. She even helped make sure one of my guest was able to find me to wish me luck for my procedure. It felt like she will go above and beyond for us and did set the bar high for everyone else to meet with her CICARE.
Thank you Lauren you are the true example of how simple kindness will go a long way on our whole visit and making us feel comfortable being there. You are amazing!

By: kellen S.

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