Care Compliments

Bernard D.

Bernard left a lasting memory. He is so attentive and passionate about taking care of his patients. We will forever be great full for his warm personality and compassion he exemplifies. Thank you Bernard!

By: Daniel/Natalie Q.

Patti U.

Patti was just amazing with my son, always engaging with him. She also noticed that my son likes grabbing on her ID and so she made him his very own ID with his name on it and it's the most thoughtful thing. She's an absolute angel.

By: Lara Jane M.

Albert C.

Dr. Albert Chang was very comforting to me during my Brachytherapy (3) treatments Cancer is scary enough Dr. Chang made me feel good during the entire process initially I was not going to go forth with the procedure for fears I still don't know to this day i am glad i moved forward and once again glad to have had him as my Doctor

By: Sheila A.

Heather G.

This compliment is way over due for Heather, as my baby was born. She was amazing- did not leave her shift until my case was done and I was in the recovery room. Even though she was scheduled to work the next day, she stayed the long hours to keep the continuity of care, and my husband and I are so thankful for that. And she came to check up on me the next morning! Thank you for making my care at UCLA a memorable one.

By: Susie C.

Shylo S.

Shylo was...our savior. I was scared and little hesitant to go through with a potential c-section for my son's delivery. She helped us wait it through and was able to give us and the care team room for more time for my son to get better before opting for augmentation. Moreover, her bedside manner was amazing and she was just an all around amazing nurse.

By: Grace K.

Eric Z.

I recently had a hip replacement with Dr. Erik Zeegen. I am on day 8, and I am walking without assistance and the pain is reduced to a point where I do not need pain meds. I am very happy at my progress.
Dr. Zeegen and his staff of UCLA medical professionals, and support staff are first-rate! He is well worth the time it takes to schedule, as he and his staff are well in demand!
I can not recommend this surgeon more than I already have.
He is truly exceptional in his field and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is highly skilled and has a great bedside manner. Furthermore, he takes the time to listen to his patients and thoroughly explain their condition and treatment options. Moreover, I have complete confidence in his abilities and would trust him with any orthopedic procedure I might face in the future.

By: James M.

Christina H.

My wife and I have been trying to conceive for quite some time now. And after multiple miscarriages, we finally conceived to full-terms...but as it goes our pregnancy was not without its new and scary complications. When Dr. Christina Han informed us that our baby only had one kidney and that it might be indicative of an underlying genetic condition, so many thoughts and worries and fears raced through our heads. Not to mentioned my wife also then having gestational diabetes. To say it was a whirlwind would be the understatement of our lifetime. However, Dr. Han and UCLA walked us through with such care and empathy through the entire process. Constantly checking in and answering our concerns (which there were many of.) And we are very happy and blessed now to have a healthy baby girl who we feel has been taken care of with the utmost diligence. UCLA in general have been so well-connected from department to department with our baby girl (and my wife) that it has made everything so seamless and really has lessened the burdens of worry and concern throughout the entirety of the process. Highly recommend Dr. Han. Truly a wonderful, caring and thoughtful physician.

By: Jason B.

Christina H.

Dr. Christina Han saved me during this pregnancy. The care, compassion, and patience in guiding me through it and my daughter's Mosaic Diagnosis... she made me feel confident in the pregnancy, and now that I've delivered... I've never been happier. She's a beyond remarkable doctor. Hold on to her.

By: Kc B.

Ivanna K.

I went in only to figure out what to do about the toenail that fell off. Dr. Ivanna Kenwood let me know about a bunch of resources available. It was extremely helpful

By: Jonathan O.

Nima N.

I felt heard and well cared for by your staff when I came in for my yearly skin check. Thank you so much, Dr. Nima Milani-Nejad and Dermatology staff.

By: Russell G.

Denise S.

Dr. Denise Sur is consistently thoughtful, and caring and goes above and beyond. I feel grateful that she is my PCP.

By: Mariel R.


I've had blood drawn from me numerous times. Without any reservation, Nurse Gabriela Merlo Mancilla made the process painless and educational as well. In addition to drawing my blood painlessly, Nurse Mancilla educated me on the ins and outs of blood pressure, including tips for accurate readings. It was a most pleasant and educational experience. Nurse Mancilla is a great ambassador of UCLA Health.

By: Ruben V.

Sima A.

This nurse was incredible. She cared for our father, in the most compassionate and loving way. Best of all, she was extremely professional and knowledgeable in the healthcare field. She wasn't asking advocate for the UCLA system and really should serve as a model to all nurses and healthcare practitioners on bedside manner. She is without a doubt, an incredible patient advocate.

By: Steve F.

Lorraine F.

I have been to this office twice in the last three months for an ultrasound. Your front office staff, Lorraine, is incredible. She is young and is the best "face" for any medical office you would want. She truly cares about you when you walk in and is so kind and professional. You need to know and recognize her. I don't know what her ambition and career choice is, but if it's something UCLA can nurture and support you don't want to lose her. She is amazing. I've been through so much lately and in all the years of walking in an office, she stands out. Everyone is welcoming here, so what you are doing is reflected in the entire staff.

By: Kelly B.

Saba T.

Saba is so kind and puts in the extra effort with her care. Her presence is very healing and she went out of her way to clean before her shift and drew a little smiley face on my white board to cheer me up. She is an excellent tech and I appreciate having her.

By: Samantha M.

Anita T.

Dr. Anita Tipirneni has, from my very first appointment with her, always made me feel fully heard, respected, and supported when talking about my symptoms. I'm never in any doubt that she's helping to the fullest extent she is able, and that's something I don't take for granted with my care. She is always looking for ways to help, and I trust her implicitly.

By: Sara R.

Matthew H.

Nurse Hoer was skilled, informative, patient, kind, and went above and beyond when caring for my teenage son following his first major surgery (sinus).

By: Lynne C.

Elaina, Sonja, Brooke, Edwin,Mark U.

when I visited the UCLA health facility in Santa Clarita/Valencia for an MRI - from the moment I entered the building - all of the staff I encountered: Elaina, Sonja, Brooke, Edwin, and Mark all went above and beyond in every conceivable way! I'm a 72-year-old retired science teacher and have never had such incredibly helpful, skilled, professional, and patient help and such a positive attitude! I hope that each of these incredible staff members will be acknowledged, and given a raise!

Thanks a million, outstanding ovation, and bravo to All!!!!

By: Pete P.

Joel T.

My total appreciation to Dr. Joel Thomas and his staff for the quality and compassionate care, the very efficient way they run the clinic is so amazing. The coordination between my specialist's clinics, Ophthalmologist Dr. Benjamin Bert, and Cardiologist Dr. Behi Rabbani, and the ease and user-friendly My UCLA Health (Patient Portal) reflects all that is going with my healthcare. Perfect example, pre-op for my cataract surgery form, lab and tests were sent to Dr. Thomas from Dr. Bert, when I checked in it was like outlined on things to do, ekg, bloodwork and chest x-ray to re-assess the findings from the previous X-ray. Dr Thomas asked me of any health issues and immediately provided what needs to be done or observe for now. Bottom line, going to UCLA Health and to my Team of Doctors, has been pleasant, "What?" . . . pleasant going to the Doctor? Yes, it is because there is no time waisted and waiting to be called in to the clinic at the time of visit. My appreciation to UCLA Health.

By: Amelia V.

Eva Joy.

Nurse Eva Joy (I don't know her last name) was my dad's ICU nurse at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. She was extremely caring and kind to my dad and family. She was able to make my dad laugh and engage in friendly banter, which I had not seen in his prior 12 days in the hospital. My dad, family and I are so thankful for her medical expertise, professionalism, compassion, humor, and kindness. Thank you, Eva Joy. You are wonderful at your job and make a real difference in the lives of patients.

By: Anthony D.

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