Care Compliments

Daniel G.

This care compliment is long overdue. In 2022 we delivered our Son at UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center. Our situation was medically sensitive requiring quick action & intervention from the On call Physician Dr. Daniel Ginn. Every single Physician & Nurse provided our family with the best care. Not only are they competent but also the most compassionate team. Through a week long stay for me & 4 weeks in the NICU for our baby we never once felt the staff was overburdened, they entire team was always knowledgeable about our care plans & our needs. I know they did their best to get us home healthy. The resources available for new parents & children are robust from lactation support, to occupational therapy & social services. It is truly care of the whole person & family. We can't thank the team enough. 10 months later we are both thriving.

By: Nicole Y.


Jason was an excellent nurse. He made me feel safe, cared for, and comfortable as could be. I have a rare form of epilepsy and he made it his duty to hear me out, listen to my worries, and advocate for me when I needed it. He checked on me frequently and ensured my safety after almost every seizure. I owe a lot to Jason.

By: Deandra W.

Ardis M.

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Ardis Moe. She is one of the most caring, kind, compassionate, generous, knowledgeable, professional doctors I have ever had and I trust her expertise completely! Her staff is also great, kind, warm and friendly. I feel like I'm in very good hands there and when you're going through something difficult, that is everything. Thank you Dr. Moe, Dr. Rebecca Rada and staff you are the best!

By: Marcella L.

Joel B.

Dr. Joel Beckett performed a cervical laminoplasty and lumbar laminectomy.
I have to say that pre-operatively, I was nervous about what to expect, especially having previously gone through a T12-L2 fusion several years prior, resulting in a long painful recovery. Dr Beckett was very patient with me, fully explaining the procedure in detail, and what to expect afterwards. He completely put my mind at rest. I had an uneventful post-operative period in the hospital and am rapidly recovering uneventfully back home in Las Vegas. I am so grateful to be living a pain-free life at this point in time and am amazed at how well I am doing in so short a time. Please express my profound gratitude to Dr. Beckett and his neurosurgical team !

By: George R.

Mary G.

I was a patient at Ronald Reagan recovering from spinal surgery performed on my neck and lower back by Dr. Joel Beckett. The nursing care provided to me by Mary, Leslie, Katherine, Alex, Chuck, Rutyan, and all the nurses during my stay was among the best I have ever received as a patient in my life. They all were very patient, compassionate, and professional, and went above and beyond with the care they provided. Please express my deep appreciation and thanks to each of them. I may not have mentioned everyone but am deeply appreciative of everything they did. They represent the best of UCLA health professionals and definitely should be recognized for their efforts !

By: George R.

Charles T.

There are not enough stars for Dr. Charles Tseng! His vast expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and absolute artistry are beyond compare. And precisely what I needed following a difficult diagnosis. Last year, at 35, I learned that I had breast cancer. Given my small frame and unusually large tumor, one surgeon went so far as to decline my case. Then, I met Dr. Tseng, who willingly presented different possibilities for reconstruction and gave me hope that I could look normal again. Now, one-month post surgery, I could not be more pleased with the results. His skill and elegant eye made the impossible, possible.

Dr. Tseng is a superlative surgeon and truly a SuperDoctor. My family and I will always be grateful for his care!

By: Elizabeth D.

Amy K.

Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Amy Kusske! She is everything you could ever hope for in a physician and surgeon: wonderfully caring, solutions-oriented, and committed to providing the best possible outcome for her patients. She also welcomes a challenge. After another surgeon had declined my case because my stature and breast were slight and my tumor large, she never flinched. Rather, she gave me the opportunity to pursue a double mastectomy, and I could not be happier! I am one-month post surgery, and thanks to her extraordinary skill, the results are beyond anything I could have imagined: the incisions are minimal, and the borders came back clear! What a blessing!

My family and I will be forever grateful for her generous and ongoing care--thank you, Dr. Kusske!

By: Elizabeth D.

Belinda T.

About a week ago my partner was diagnosed with cancer and I had called in several times to ask how I can pay for a second opinion and every time I called I was transferred to random numbers or told that i need to request an appt online and brushed off. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere I told myself let me call ucla again and see if I get someone to help me sure enough 5th time was a charm I got an angel "Belinda T" She listened to me and assisted me but above all she made sure that she got someone on the line to help me it means alot when someone takes time to listen instead of passing you off to someones voicemail, I want to make sure that this UCLA Employee knows how her kindness and attention to our needs made my partner and myself " feel like we truly matter". What an Angel she is and I cant thank her enough. UCLA she is the reason why people like myself who have lost hope , continue to come back here she should be the one to answer all the calls you can feel her genuine concern and hear her smiling well talking. She has put us at ease and brightened up one of the darkest chapters of our life ! She has given us hope through her kindness. Belinda, you are such a gem and wish you all the blessings this world has to offer Luv Art

By: Anthony L.

Casey W.

Casey Weber is the coordinator for Dr. Ginger Slack, but that title doesn't cover a fraction of what she does or how amazing she is. From making sure my insurance authorization came through in time for an urgently-needed procedure, to squeezing me in for a last-minute pre-op video visit to help assuage my concerns about an upcoming surgery, she truly goes above and beyond in how she helps Dr. Slack take care of patients. She is not only efficient and excellent at her job, but wonderfully kind, caring and supportive to patients like me, who are going through scary diagnoses and major procedures. She is an incredible asset to UCLA Health and I'm so fortunate that she works with my surgeon. Thank you, thank you, Casey!!

By: Elisabeth R.

Mark L.

Dear Dr. Mark Litwin,
I'm truly so thankful for your incredible care and knowledge prior to and during my surgery. You were kind, and created a space that made me feel comfortable. You allowed me to feel emotionally prepared and emotionally steady, and it's important to me that you know the impact you have on so many lives, including mine, but also especially those within the gender health community. I'm grateful for what you do. I could speak volumes about your and your teams' incredible stewardship. Thank you.

By: Hailey M.

Arnold C.

Dr. Arnold Chin thank you for removing my cancer and giving me the medical care needed so I can live.
You are my angel.

By: Beatrice L.

Loren L.

Loren served as a Charge Nurse for my significant other during her time within the unit. Loren stayed busy and focused on her job and the various tasks at hand but yet remained attentive to the needs of her patients and happily stepped in to assist whenever a member of her staff was not readily available. We are eternally grateful for her commitment to care.

By: Brandon B.

Tina T.

Tina served as a Nurse for my significant other during her time within the unit. Tina was very empathetic, lively and full of enthusiasm. Tina has a way of paying attention to the small details and making one's experiences less challenging and more comfortable. I witnessed this in her interactions with patients as well as Doctors and fellow nurses. We are eternally grateful for her commitment to care.

By: Brandon B.

Shonda Michael A.

Shonda is a great asset to UCLA. She made an anxious x ray very comforting. 10 Stars for her. Thank you Shonda.

By: Marian M.

Aparna S.

Dr. Aparna Sridhar is a true angel. She guided me through my pregnancy and made me feel so incredibly safe and cared for. I now have a beautiful, healthy, baby boy and feel blessed I had her guidance and care throughout this journey.

By: Michelle N.

Jenny G.

I would like to share my experience with an exceptional UCLA employee, Jenny Garcia. Jenny Garcia is the office manager at the UCLA Health location at 1245 16th Street, Suite 307, in Santa Monica. She is also the assistant to my infectious disease specialiast, Dr. Christopher Tymchuk. I became a patient of Dr. Tymchuk's in October of this year, that is when I first met Jenny. I have visited the office numerous times for follow-up appointments. Jenny is the epitome of excellent customer service and a stellar representation of UCLA Health. She has a friendly and welcoming disposition, and always displays a sensitivity and understanding to my experience as a patient. Jenny was especially helpful when it was necessary for me to stop working and go on a short term disability leave. There were forms the doctor needed to review and return before certain deadlines. Jenny ensured that all of this was done in a timely manner. As a patient, there is nothing more important than to know I can have utter confidence in the healthcare team with whom I'm working. In Jenny Garcia, I have that confidence, and I'm sure others do to. Jenny is a model for the importance of communication and interaction that is patient-centered. I'm thankful to be able to share this experience and wish her continued success in all she does.

By: Frederick J.

Bryan S.

Thank for your kindness and attentiveness to our son/family during one of the most stressful moments we have shared together. We appreciate everything you did for us in the time you cared for, and the demeanor that you exhibited throughout. It was so reassuring for us as newer parents. And your skill at putting in a baby IV was impressive. Thank you so much Bryan!

By: Meredith K.

Rebecca M.

I am pleased to say and would like to take the time recognition of nurse Rebecca.I am very happy of the care she provided.I've been having cancer 12 years.Never have I had nurse doing her job caring and is so compassionate as she cleans my wound and goes out her way to make sure as a patient I come first.Made my procedure easier.Made my stay positive.I proud to say I was under her care .Thank you Nurse Rebecca Medina and UCLA Hospital.

By: Melanie Q.

Belinda T.

Belinda, I want to take the time and thank you for taking my call. Your poise, calm voice and knowledge honestly was the highlight of my day. To receive compassion and warmth over the phone is a rare find these days. The fact that you listened and understood made me feel like I matter and I'm not just a dollar sign. The attention to detail ,understanding, laughter and kindness is amazing. I truly hope that everyone who answers at UCLA, moving forward provides the same warmth, knowledge and compassion you do. May you be blessed in an abundance!

By: Jocelyn C.

Dr Joel T.

I saw Dr. Joel Thomas at the Redondo Beach urgent care with flu-like symptoms. At that visit he took his time and listened to all of my concerns, while bringing up my past history at the ENT to make connections and provide a course of treatment. What made me really take the time to write this was the fact that he made himself available through MyChart and helped me twice in an extremely prompt manner. He truly went above and beyond for an Urgent Care visit and I truly appreciate him!

By: Debra W.

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