Care Compliments

Nima M.

Thank you so much Dr. Nima Milani-Nejad for seeing me to discuss my Androgenetic Alopecia. Your staff took their time to settle me into your clinic. I'm so coming back!

By: Russell G.

Negar G.

I want UCLA Health to know that they have a warm-hearted, knowledgeable, and engaging physician on staff. My wife and I have entrusted Dr. Negar Ghafouri with our two sons for numerous years now. We are reminded of her courteous demeanor every physical visit, phone consult, and email reply. It is bittersweet to think my children will be moving to internal medicine in the future and will no longer have Dr. Ghafouri as their primary physician. She will be dearly missed when that date arrives.

By: Peter J.

Jared T.

Jared is very sharp and on top of it ALL! He is quick to answer any questions and get things done. He has been VERY instrumental to me in helping me since I am an out of state patient. It is nice to have a rapport with the staff when it is possible. He is definitely a team player! I sure hope he get the recognition his deserves!

By: Michele J.

Sarah L.

I would love it if this message can be made available to as many of the people mentioned as possible.
Thank you.
Having recently been given the best possible prognosis regarding my Multiple Myeloma CAR-T cell treatment, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone on my cancer care team.
Dr. Karo Arzoo in Burbank, all the wonderful nurses and the entire support staff. Dr. Sarah M. Larson, Dr. Benjamin Puliafito, Nurse Practitioner Rachel Schultz, Transplant Coordinator Michél Queen and all the fabulous nurses at the Bowyer Clinic in Westwood.
All the nurses, assistants, Interns and Residents at RRUMC. Everyone was just so conscientious, compassionate and caring. I always felt well attended to.
I have to give a special thanks to Dr. Larson. I feel so fortunate to have been in her care. She clearly is at the top of her field. I also look forward to my continued care in Burbank with Dr. Arzoo.
I'm so grateful to the entire UCLA medical community. I'm truly blessed to have such fantastic world class medical resources available to me. I owe my life to all these wonderful people. I can't thank you all enough.
Warmest regards,

By: David M.

Vivian S.

Dr. Vivian Shibayama is an amazing eye professional who provides compassionate, comprehensive, and thorough care. On my initial visit with her my exam was way beyond my expectations in how comfortable she made me and clearly her expertise was demonstrated on the comprehensiveness of exam which uncovered a problem that requires surgery that l believe was missed by an ophthalmologist a few weeks earlier. I had an appointment with my pediatric immunologist who wanted to hospitalize me due to how ill I was, but I resisted as I needed to be seen at the Stein urgent care for decreased vision. I barely was able to make it into the building due to shortness of breath and was worried that I would run out of oxygen while waiting due to arriving between the AM and PM times. I expected to wait a long time, but after only waiting a few minutes, someone came and said that Dr. Shibayama was going to see me, that she didn't want any of her patients to be waiting even though I didn't have an appointment with her. She took great care of me, had the correct diagnosis and got me home in time not to run out of oxygen on a day when it likely would have required 911 to the ER. I am a physician with a chronic lifelong life threatening lung condition that has caused me to develop medical PTSD and to have to see a lot of medical professionals. Thus, when I say that Dr. Shibayama is gifted and exceptional in her care, thoroughness, and skills as a healer and eye professional it is not without qualification. Thank you Dr. Shibayama and her staff.

By: deborah M.

Steven C. T.

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care and kindness I experienced during my visits to your office. As someone who doesn't speak fluent English, I often feel anxious when seeking medical attention, but your team made me feel welcome and supported from the moment I walked in.

From the front desk to check out, everyone I encountered was amazing. Your staff treated me and other patients with genuine care, showing a level of patience and understanding that made a world of difference. They went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable and heard throughout the entire process.

I must also extend my heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Steven C. Tsai. He was incredibly kind and took the time to explain my health in a way that I could understand. His compassion and willingness to answer my questions made me feel empowered and valued as a patient.

The exceptional service and compassionate care provided by your team have left a lasting impression on me. I will be forever grateful for the positive experience I had at your office, and I will gladly recommend your services to friends and family.

Thank you once again for making a significant difference in my healthcare journey. Your dedication to your patients truly shines through, and I am fortunate to have received such exceptional care from your team.
With warmest regards,

By: Maria G.

Nia A.

She is so communicative and always on top of things! I appreciate her help

By: Fanta B.

Angela P.

From the moment my husband came under Dr Maie St John's care, Angela has taken the time to answer every call and all the many questions we had as surgery approached. At a time that was stressful and confusing for us, she was a steady and reliable explainer who always got back to us quickly and with a little humor thrown in. She arranged for my husband to see every specialist who would be involved in his surgical and post-surgical treatment with patience and kindness and she smoothed any obstacles we encountered. She clearly understands that when patients are entering the frightening world of cancer treatment, they are constantly looking for explanations of complex medical issues and she explained everything in a reassuring and candid way. After surgery, she continued her care for him, advocating for him and making sure he had everything he needed. It felt like we had a friend overseeing his needs when he got to the post-op TRU East unit. We can't thank her enough.

By: Barbara P.

John-Gabriel P.

John is a thorough and complete professional, knowledgeable, calm, kind and caring. He took care of my husband for two straight day shifts after oral cancer surgery with Dr. Maie St John. He never rushed my husband, always had time for him, was so reassuring, so attentive gentle and helpful. He was clearly extremely busy but he always treated Norman as if he had all the time in the world. We couldn't be more grateful for his care.

By: Barbara P.


I love John! He is so professional/ detailing/ energetic/ caring RN. I admire him and couldn't thank him more during the two days in TRU. Thank you John!!



Sue took care of me only one day but I can't thank her more. She took care of me like I am her family. So patient and thoughtful. Thank you Sue!!


Derrick S.

Derrick was excellent doing my thyroid ultrasound. He was comfortable to be with and very skilled in his profession. I felt confident in his abilities and was grateful he was the ultrasound tech that day. I have no hesitation in utilizing Santa Clarita facilities.

By: Rosanne D.

Mona A.

Mona was gentle and caring doing the mammogram. She made me feel comfortable and put me at ease.

By: Rosanne D.

Jaspreet B.

Dr. Jaspreet Batra made me feel comfortable and helped me understand the results of my exam. He gave me his complete attention and addressed all my concerns. He offered all the options I have moving forward and shared his expertise on how best to navigate the whole process. He exemplifies the virtues of the best medical care that UCLA is known for.

By: Shahin T.

Claire A.

Thank you for taking good care of me. You were professional and kind.

By: Sophia S.

Kendra U.

On a busy Monday morning, I called from the Santa Clarita office where I was scheduled for a CT Scan, where the technician needed to get in touch with Dr. Friedman about her order. Kendra, who answered the phone, was so helpful and patient in trying to page but Dr. Friedman, who was not in the office today. It all was eventually resolved, but I am so IMPRESSED with Kendra's kindness - never an inkling of impatience or annoyance. THANK YOU, KENDRA.

By: Eileen F.

Jennifer Y.

Dr. Jennifer Yeung is a wonderful doctor, who did a better job of diagnosing my issues than all the specialists I saw. She is very knowledgeable, diligent, practical, caring, and thoughtful. She actually inspires me to want to be proactive with my health, despite my disabilities and chronic conditions. I am blessed to be under her care.

By: Dylan W.

Deborah W.

Dr. Deborah Wong is not only an expert in her field, but she's kind and compassionate. I'm very pleased with her patient care and I would recommend her to anyone seeking clinical trials in the head and neck specialty. She was patient with us, and listened to each one of our questions, and seemed truly dedicated to putting us at ease and making sure that we get the best care possible.

By: Harnish K.

Andrew V.

Dr. Andrew Vivas is an amazing neurosurgeon; he relieved my spinal stenosis and restored my ability to walk for fitness. Dr. Vivas was very kind and patient, and he responded to my many MyChart messages quickly and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Vivas, and am very grateful to have been referred to him.

By: Melanie S.

David R.

I wish there were more Dr. David Rigberg's in the world!! A great doc & a great human being!!!

By: Sherwin B.

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