Care Compliments

Jenny G.

I would like to share my experience with an exceptional UCLA employee, Jenny Garcia. Jenny Garcia is the office manager at the UCLA Health location at 1245 16th Street, Suite 307, in Santa Monica. She is also the assistant to my infectious disease specialiast, Dr. Christopher Tymchuk. I became a patient of Dr. Tymchuk's in October of this year, that is when I first met Jenny. I have visited the office numerous times for follow-up appointments. Jenny is the epitome of excellent customer service and a stellar representation of UCLA Health. She has a friendly and welcoming disposition, and always displays a sensitivity and understanding to my experience as a patient. Jenny was especially helpful when it was necessary for me to stop working and go on a short term disability leave. There were forms the doctor needed to review and return before certain deadlines. Jenny ensured that all of this was done in a timely manner. As a patient, there is nothing more important than to know I can have utter confidence in the healthcare team with whom I'm working. In Jenny Garcia, I have that confidence, and I'm sure others do to. Jenny is a model for the importance of communication and interaction that is patient-centered. I'm thankful to be able to share this experience and wish her continued success in all she does.

By: Frederick J.

Bryan S.

Thank for your kindness and attentiveness to our son/family during one of the most stressful moments we have shared together. We appreciate everything you did for us in the time you cared for, and the demeanor that you exhibited throughout. It was so reassuring for us as newer parents. And your skill at putting in a baby IV was impressive. Thank you so much Bryan!

By: Meredith K.

Rebecca M.

I am pleased to say and would like to take the time recognition of nurse Rebecca.I am very happy of the care she provided.I've been having cancer 12 years.Never have I had nurse doing her job caring and is so compassionate as she cleans my wound and goes out her way to make sure as a patient I come first.Made my procedure easier.Made my stay positive.I proud to say I was under her care .Thank you Nurse Rebecca Medina and UCLA Hospital.

By: Melanie Q.

Belinda T.

Belinda, I want to take the time and thank you for taking my call. Your poise, calm voice and knowledge honestly was the highlight of my day. To receive compassion and warmth over the phone is a rare find these days. The fact that you listened and understood made me feel like I matter and I'm not just a dollar sign. The attention to detail ,understanding, laughter and kindness is amazing. I truly hope that everyone who answers at UCLA, moving forward provides the same warmth, knowledge and compassion you do. May you be blessed in an abundance!

By: Jocelyn C.

Dr Joel T.

I saw Dr. Joel Thomas at the Redondo Beach urgent care with flu-like symptoms. At that visit he took his time and listened to all of my concerns, while bringing up my past history at the ENT to make connections and provide a course of treatment. What made me really take the time to write this was the fact that he made himself available through MyChart and helped me twice in an extremely prompt manner. He truly went above and beyond for an Urgent Care visit and I truly appreciate him!

By: Debra W.

Naomi N.

Naomi was my nurse two days in a row while I was recovering from delivery. She prioritized several different tasks and multiple patients so that she could accompany me for more than an hour to the ICU where my baby was staying. This was so special to me; I felt very lucky to have a nurse like Naomi. Thank you!

By: Deborah M.

Jessica H.

I was lucky to Jessica as my nurse two nights in a row while recovering from delivery. Her excellent nursing knowledge and skills helped to pace my recovery appropriately so that I was able to regain mobility neither too slow nor too fast. Thank you Jessica for being an excellent nurse!

By: Deborah M.

Belinda T.

I want to extend my deep appreciation for the care my father received the other day. My father does not speak English and always has a hard time scheduling appointments due to his language deficit. However Belinda T, from patient referrals 800-825-2631. Went above and beyond assisting my dad not only scheduling his appointments,she went the extra mile to make sure his medicare advantage plan was the correct one. She took the time and stayed on the phone well my dad made all the necessary changes with his insurance company,so he can continue his care at UCLA . She truly is a star in my eyes , its rare you come across someone over the phone who has so much compassion. She is empathy,compassion,humanity and understanding. Again Belinda T I am truly grateful!!!!

By: Jose Q.

Jack W. M.

We wanted to compliment Wes for his excellent care, patience and organization. He is very good at his job and made us feel so comfortable about the treatment plan. He is an asset to your organization and since I have been there three times now, plus have another revision step to complete. I am looking forward to working with him again!

By: Jeffrey M.

Maria U.

I wanted to compliment our housekeeping department helper Maria. I think she was there almost every day of both of my longer stays. She is such a sweet person, she is kind and attentive to whatever is needed in the room. She even took the trash can into the hall to change the bag one day while I was asleep (per my wife). So amazingly considerate and always had a few moments to connect and make us feel recognized as a person not just a patient. She is a hard worker and a special person who engaged with us and made our stay so much better. She is an asset to your organization.

By: Jeffrey M.

Gloria D.

Hi Gloria is amazing! She was incredibly helpful to me during my 3rd stay. Even though she was incredibly busy she always found a way to check on me and get me what I needed. She is always so happy and cheerful and brightens the day. She is a gem and asset to your organization. She is such a hard worker and that should be acknowledged. Its a rare combination to find somebody working so hard but still having the ability to be happy, cheerful, kind and caring.

By: Jeffrey M.

Sharon Z.

Hi I just wanted to commend Sharon for her amazing care during my third hospital stay due to PJI. She took exceptional care of me for 3 days, with problem solving in a kind caring manner. She really made a difference for me during this incredibly tough time. My wife is a nurse and was really impressed with her as well. We wanted to make sure you knew she is an important asset to your organization.

By: Jeffrey M.

Dr. Aldo and Dr. Jeanette I.

I wanted to thank Dr. Aldo Ilarde and Dr. Jeanette Ilarde for their exemplary dedication to patients, for their kindness and for always making me feel as part of their team! Big thank you Dr. Aldo Ilarde and Dr. Jeanette Ilarde. It has been such learning and inspiring experience to be part of their vibrant and dynamic team.

By: Theodora K.

Sharif S.

I want to thank Sharif for his wonderful sense of humor, kindness and real appreciation for what it feels like to be a patient. Coming into the cast room at Orthopedics while you are in pain and worried is very daunting. Sharif's calm, confident and kind nature set me at ease and made things so much easier. He narrated everything he was doing and provided me with practical guidance for living with a cast. He treated everyone there with respect and humor while handling a rather stressful situation.

By: Susan G.


Dr. Robert are simply the most classy and wonderful man who also happens to be a brilliant doctor. I love you to pieces..ty I feel so much better about my lower lid surgery after a failed attempt by another doctor who actually referred me to you. Your team is also exceptional..despite tons of people you see..I always feel special. ty

By: Lynn K.

Paul K.

I cannot thank Dr. Paul Krogstad enough for the care he provided to my son. He went above and beyond to advocate for my son, he ensured my son got the proper referrals he needed for his condition, even if that meant personally calling other clinics to schedule appointments. Dr. Krogstad personally called our pediatrician to provide her education about cCMV; she was blown away that he took the time to call and discuss my son's case and the amount of knowledge he shared with her.
Dr. Krogstad always took time to answer ALL questions at each appointment, he would personally call me to review lab results (even on weekends), he always responded quickly to MyChart Messages, and above all, showed a genuine interest in my son's care.
Dr. Krogstad is an incredible physician, and I am so thankful for him and the care he has provided my son.

By: Cassandra H.

Katherine P.

Last week I had a terrible migraine attack and required a same day urgent appointment with a provider. Dr. Katherine Pang had an availability for me to come in. I am grateful she did as she made sure I was well taken care of. I want to thank her for caring for me and making sure I got the treatment I needed. She showed genuine concern and care. I had to have the exam room lights off during the visit as I had severe photophobia and she conducted the consultation with just the light from the computer screen on so that I would not be in pain from the room lights. She made sure to come check on me during my infusion to make sure I was feeling better. I am so grateful she was so kind as I was in so much pain. I felt listen to by her and knew I would be in good hands. I want to thank her for being so great to me that day.

By: Isabelle M.

Martin F.

Last week I came in to the clinic for a same day urgent appointment for an awful migraine I was having. Martin was the MA that roomed me. I want to compliment him for being so kind, patient and understanding. I was in terrible pain and had to get an EKG at the time and he was gentle and professional and made sure that I was not uncomfortable. Thank you Martin for making my visit go well.

By: Isabelle M.

Gena G.

I want to thank Gena for being such a wonderful and kind RN. I had to go to the clinic unexpectedly for a monstrous migraine. I was miserable that day and in so much pain. She was wonderful! She placed my IV and gave me my meds. She was kind and patient. She made me feel safe and welcomed. and even though I was same day appointment with an urgent need for care she gave me her full attention. I am so thankful she cared for me while I was feeling so bad that day.

By: Isabelle M.

Amber U.

I would like to sincerely think Amber in Dr. Gregory Lam's office for assistance with a prescription not covered by insurance. She helped me set up GoodRx and a location. Above and beyond! We need more Amber's. I am a retired physician and know the meaning and value of help navigating a horribly complicated healthcare system.

By: Christopher T.

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