Care Compliments

Stacy W.

I had a breast biopsy this morning and was extremely nervous. Stacy was the nurse and she was excellent at making sure I knew what was happening, efficient at getting it done and so very caring. I could not have been more pleased on how the appointment went. Thank you again Stacy

By: Janet K.

Guadalupe M.

Guadalupe was so kind and patient on the phone. She went above and beyond to answer my question when the hospital billing dept ran me around in circles and Guadalupe even took it a step farther and helped me understand how to avoid a higher charge in the future by having my labs done at the lab instead of at urgent care

By: Sara B.

Murray K.

A big THANK YOU to Dr. Murray Kwon and his team for a very successful bypass surgery for my husband. Everything went smoothly and I was kept informed of the procedure's progress.

By: Diana B.

Tamela R.

I would like to compliment Tamela R. for her relentless effort in securing much needed cancer medication on my behalf. Upon hearing an approval was still pending, she went above and beyond expectations to assure my patient care was not compromised. I have been with UCLA for my healthcare 5 years now and the standard of service not only from Tamela who is always kind by getting back to me when I call certainly aligns with the amazing care of my specialists.

By: Leatrice F.

Sohan C.

Very friendly staff in Maddie's Room. Kept us informed on patient's status. Thank you!

By: Yosef F.

Gabriela S.

This is review is long over due. I was referred to Dr. Gabriela Sauder by my oncologist. My previous PCP (who I loved) Dr. Esraghi was out on maternity leave. I was having trouble receiving care without a PCP. I have a very complicated medical history, so I was hesitant about seeing a new physician. And I am admittedly very picky. There was no need to worry, Dr, Sauder was knowledgeable, professional and caring. She runs on time, but I did not feel rushed. Or that she was one foot out the door. She communicates well and answers my questions through the portal with-in the day. This is not common for all physicians. She treated me with respect and kindness.

By: Tina O.

Daniel Uslan M.

This review is specific to Dr. Daniel Uslan, and Dr. Meher K. Singha in the Infectious Disease Department in Westwood. I admit, I was annoyed when I arrived. It took four month wait to get the appointment and a 1 1/2 hour drive. Then, I was told the doctor I was referred to was not there and I would be seeing the "Fellow" (still completing training). I got a little snippy with the receptionist. He assured me I was in good hands, he was patient and kind. I reluctantly stayed. Jon the LVN was professional, caring and funny. Silly Me. Dr. Singha was AMAZING. She took her time, listened to my concerns, had pre-read my consult notes. She carefully explained everything. Then she consulted with her attending, Dr. Daniel Z. Uslan. He came in and spent another 40 minutes with me and reviewed everything and carefully explained his thoughts. In the middle of the visit my husband texted to tell me he had Flu type A, so he was kind enough to write a prescription for prophylactic
Tamiflu. I am very picky about my health care team and I would highly recommend these outstanding physicians.

By: Tina O.


Suua was very attentive to the family and everyone here in the waiting room. His courteous manner and demeanor put us at ease in a very difficult situation for us as a family. The entire staff we came across has been very supportive. Thank you for being so kind.

By: Yecenia L.

Sohan S.

Sohan was the most thorough and professional person your organization could ask for. He represented himself and UCLA with the utmost professionalism!!!

By: Kennedy C.

Mr. Tate M.

Mr. Tate came to help us clean up when my dad was recovering from a stroke. He went above and beyond just cleaning. He asked me my favorite color, then came back with a bracelet that has a tree, representing a family tree. I still wear this bracelet because it reminds me of his kindness when my family was going through something very difficult. My family still shares this experience and I want Mr. Tate to know how much I appreciated him then and now. Thank you for warming our hearts and your kindness. We appreciate you!

By: Nedjatolla L.

Belinda B.

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding assistance provided by Belinda today.

Belinda went above and beyond in helping me navigate a complex insurance situation. Her compassion, understanding, and most importantly, her empathy were truly remarkable. She actively listened to my concerns and offered words of encouragement that made a significant difference.

Belinda's level of care and dedication to assisting with the insurance matter was exceptional. Her positive impact reflects well on UCLA, and I believe she embodies the qualities that make a service experience truly outstanding.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Belinda's outstanding contributions and express my appreciation for having such a compassionate and empathetic individual on your team. People like Belinda contribute greatly to the positive reputation and atmosphere of UCLA.

Thank you for fostering an environment where employees like Belinda can shine and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they assist.

By: Deborah W.

Christine J.

Want to get recognize to CT tech Christine Johnson at Encino imaging center. Patient had an urgent/emergent finding on CT and she was able to identify on the initial imaging on the scanner. She appropriately called the onsite radiology physician and initiated protocols to get the patient transferred/admitted to the hospital to received urgent surgery. Patient was stable and calm the whole time but hesitiated to proceed. Patient was not clinically unstable but I feared it was a ticking time bomb. In my opinion, she may have prevented a potentialy bad outcome and possibly saved this patient's life. Tremendous kudos to her!!

By: donald K.

Diana R.

Diana the nurse that was on duty, she was very attentive to the patient's needs and care, and even to the visiting family, she was very nice to offer water or tea. Her gestures are commendable and her professionalism is as well! Her work attitude and gesture of concern to patients and families is what UCLA and the patients and visitors need.

By: Cathy G.

Monica , Peter, Karen. Madison, All staff U.

Every staff member and volunteer we have met at UCLA has been professional, kind, knowledgeable, on time, helpful

By: Michelle B.

Dr Elizabeth K.

after 10 years of working with Dr. Elizabeth Ko, I believe I'm qualified to say she is the best of the best in West Coast Doctors. Always thorough, and with a memory for even the tiniest details about my family's medical history, Dr Ko has kept us in good health.. We are handing over the next generation of our family to her care and have the greatest confidence that she will keep them safe.

By: Strath H.

Deb J.

I was treated with respect and attentiveness by the staff. They addressed me as the unique guest that I was. They were friendly and upbeat. I have spent time at UCSF under similar conditions and did not get treated nearly as well.

By: Marc G.

Sohan C.

Sohan was one of the staff at the front desk. The entire time we were waiting while a family member was having major surgery, he checked in with us multiple times to provide helpful information, gave updates on the status of the procedure, and share what we can expect in the hours to come. Sohan helped make what was already a stressful situation into as good of an experience one could possible have. He embodies the pride and prestige of UCLA medical. THANK YOU SOHAN! 🙂

By: Tony U.

Ms. K.

Excellent post-op care. Kind, reassuring, professional. Patient and clear.

By: Evita C.

Raquel U.

Transport - wonderful attitude, provided safe transport back to our car, caring and warm.

By: Evita C.

Renyl J.

She explained each step in a warm, professional, caring manner, and put my husband at ease. Excellent IV insertion and blood draw.

By: Evita C.

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