Care Compliments

Sammy S.

Thank you Dr. Sammy Saab for helping me heal my liver with your excellent care. Your expertise on my
liver diagnosis is appreciated and thank you for your professionalism.

By: Beatrice L.

Elliot A.

Dr. Elliot Abemayor & his aide doctors as well as the nurses & other staffs who help perform the procedure to my wife surgery were very precise, polite and updated (on every steps they do) i myself, my wife and my family are very thankful for them. May God bless you all!

By: Renato M.

Clint F.

Clint is literally the best care partner that I have ever had care for me. His unwavering kindness and compassion has made my hospital stay much more pleasant. Clint is so appreciated by all the staff and patients, he is the type of care partner that everyone would want!

By: Glenda L.

Brandon E.

Dr. Brandon Endo saw me when I came in around Christmas. He took good care of me during my visit. He came by a few times to talk me through my situation very clearly and with great empathy. He answered all the questions I could muster and really has a great medical authority. So nice, very caring. I extend my thanks.

By: Benjamin L.

Matthew G.

Matthew was the second nurse attending to me during my visit just prior to Christmas. He was awesome, and I appreciated his detailed care. He really knows his stuff and has a very calming presence. UCLA is lucky to have him on board. Many thanks to him!

By: Benjamin L.

Reid C.

Reid was my main nurse during my visit just before the Christmas holiday. He was fantastic. Super caring and so knowledgeable. He really put me at ease and was thorough in his care. A great asset to your team. I send my thanks his way.

By: Benjamin L.

Maricor T.

Maricor has been the best nurse. She takes time to talk to me and listen to my needs, rather than just to simply "check the boxes". Maricor is very compassionate and kind. I was having a terrible day today and she was very supportive.

By: Margaret M.

Marco M.

Marco served as a Care Partner for my significant other during her time within the unit. He was extremely helpful, always had a positive attitude and constantly found ways to make himself available even when he was busy. He literally helped get her off of her feet and moving in the right direction. We are eternally grateful for his commitment to care.

By: Brandon B.

Kelsey Y.

Kelsey was phenomenal in guiding me through labor and delivery and providing me with both emotional support and expert care. My baby and I were so lucky to have her!

By: Nina P.

Kevin P.

Dr. Kevin Pimstone is an excellent primary care physician who gives good, sound advice and explanations, is truly caring, and follows-up with both my husband and myself. We appreciate him! Happy New Year!

By: Julie A.

Lauren L.

Lauren served within the Surgical Lounge and was diligent in keeping me up to date with the progress of my significant other's surgery while I waited on the ground level with her parents (since only one visitor is allowed inside of the surgical lounge at a time). Thank you Lauren!

By: Brandon B.

Karen W.

Karen is very knowledgeable, kind, competent, compassionate, calm and reassuring. She also listened and attended to my needs right away. I can't say the same about the other staff on duty. Her care in comparison to others is phenomenal and quite frankly incomparable.

By: Leslie R.

Yasmine and Stephanie U.

Major issues and both Stephanie and Yasmine solved my problems in one call. Had been chasing my sleep study approval, which was initially denied. But Stephanie heard my issues, did some research, got me to Yasmine who took charge, dug-in, found the issues.......solved my issues and made my day!

By: Jon L.

Doctor that Performed Surgery E.

I underwent a LASIK operation over 10 years ago (2011) and to this day, whenever I visit a new optometrist, they always complement the work that was done on my eyes. I am about to turn 39 and to this day I am still 20/15 (at times I try for 20/10). Trusting the UCLA Stein Eye Institute with my eyes was the best decision I ever made. I don't know how much of the original staff is still there, but after having my latest eye exam and once again being complimented, I felt compelled to share my appreciation and gratitude for the work that was done over a decade ago.

By: Wilber C.

Andrew V.

Dr. Andrew Vivas is a top notch surgeon! He is very knowledgeable and calm. He takes his time to go over all the options and goes above and beyond to make sure the suggested surgery is the best for his clients,not for his bank account. His team ( David and Crystal) are fantastic and they work so well together.
He is always on time and never rushes the appt.
Thanks Dr. Vivas!

By: Marina S.

Dr. Joshua J.

Dr. Jiang did a phenomenal job with me and my care. He has a lot of patience's and is determined to help me understand the seriousness of my condition and was committed to saving my life. Everyday he came with a new and fresh approach to get me to see that he was supporting me and only wanted the best for me and that was to continue living. It was when he sat down and listened to my testimony and allowed me to share with him where I was coming from, it was then that I felt that he truly understood me and I understood him. I really appreciate that he took the time to just listen. I KNOW that Dr. Jiang is authentic , genuine , compassionate , and is committed to the wellbeing of his patience's health and overall lives. I didn't feel like another number while in his care. I want him to know that he played a MAJOR role on my decision to receive dialysis . Thank you Dr.Jiang , richest blessings to you while you continue to save lives !

By: Candice R.

Aminata D.

Aminata is a bright light here. She noticed that I wasn't in the best mood was considerate when I told her that I didn't want to talk about dialysis . The next day I was feeling better and I was open to listening. She educated me on the pro and cons and the importance of getting dialysized especially considering a kidney transplant. She really opened my eyes and she was a big influence on my decision to receive dialysis. I appreciate that she took the time to educate me and not scare me with the risk of death. She was gentle caring and understanding . She deserves the daisy award. Thank you Aminata !

By: Candice R.

Paula R.

One of the best things to happen to my father during his illness has been meeting Dr. Paula Ravin. She is truly the kind of doctor all doctors should strive to be. Not only is she knowledgeable and has helped many of my fathers symptoms with her strong clinical knowledge she is above all a compassionate and empathetic health care provider. She truly cares about my father as a whole person not just a disease. She treats him from a holistic perspective and not just the symptoms. I hope for all patients and family members of patients to receive the care and expertise we have received from Dr. Ravin. Thank you Dr. Ravin for never losing your kindness and compassion for your patients and for going above and beyond in your care for my father.

By: Sandy Y.

Tara L.

This volunteer did a beautiful job. They did not hesitate and just went and did what they had to do. I really appreciate them. And if I have to come back, I would come back to UCLA Health because the staff are all incredible workers.

By: Lucia D.

Aimee D.

These nurses did a beautiful job. They did not hesitate and just went and did what they had to do. I really appreciate them. And if I have to come back, I would come back to UCLA Health because the staff are all incredible workers.

By: Lucia D.

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