Care Compliments

Arnold I. C.

This is my personal experience of seeing Dr. Arnold Chin. First, I want to express my infinite respect and gratitude to him. Second, I hope that people who suffer from the same illness as me can also be lucky enough to receive his medical treatment.

Six years ago I had prostate cancer and was lucky to find Dr. Chin. On the day of the first visit, he spent a lot of time going through my thick medical records and clearly recommending the surgery I needed. Under the professional care of him and his team, I made a full recovery.

Last year, I had a sudden kidney stone attack, The doctor in the nearby hospital did not handle the operation well, leaving sequelae. I immediately thought of Dr. Chin, but I was not sure if he would like to take over the unfinished work of other doctor. Later, I still asked for his opinion, Unexpectedly, he immediately agreed and completed the follow-up treatment.

Dr. Chin is the best doctor I have ever seen in my life. He is professional, responsible, and patient. He even answers my questions during holidays.

By: Ruchuang C.

Emily M.

Words cannot express how much gratitude my husband and I have for Emily! I have a chronic autoimmune disorder and was nervous about a postpartum flare related to lack of sleep and breastfeeding after birth, and from a prenatal appointment during my pregnancy to weeks now postpartum, Emily has provided endless individualized, unbelievably-helpful support. She took the time to really listen to my needs and constraints and came up with feeding plans to maximize comfort for both my baby and for me, and quickly and kindly followed up on any questions we've had since. She is not only highly knowledgeable but also non-judgmental and empathetic. She's been such a key part of my feeling well postpartum, and I'll be eternally grateful to her!

By: Mona M.

Veena R.

This is a long overdue care compliment for my absolutely amazing rheumatologist, Dr. Veena Ranganath. I've had inflammatory arthritis for the majority of my life, seen many rheumatologists and other related physicians, and I could not feel more fortunate to have found Dr. Ranganath. I feel really relaxed about my care knowing it's in Dr. Ranganath's hands -- not only is she a brilliant doctor, but also a very kind, empathetic person. She also has been so proactive in understanding my health as a whole, and I can say without exaggeration she changed the course of my life for the better by identifying a risk factor I had for future pregnancies that allowed me to proactively get consultation and treatment that likely saved me a lot of pain, heartache, and time. My family and I will forever be grateful to her and her above-and-beyond-care 🙂

By: Mona M.

Christina H.

Dr. Christina Han is a PHENOMENAL physician. My husband and I could not feel more fortunate to have been under her care for our pregnancy. We had a rocky road to becoming pregnant and were nervous about successfully getting to a live birth. Dr. Han was the ideal MFM; she was kind and organized, took every concern of ours seriously, responded to every question (and quickly)!, and we always felt like we had someone looking out for us and our baby every step of the way. We felt like we could rest easier knowing Dr. Han was with us on this journey - she was so on top of everything and gave us really individualized, high-quality care. Our baby is here now, and we cannot thank her enough for playing such a big role in getting us here!

By: Mona M.

ICU unit I.

I want to express my gratitude towards everyone that was
Attending to (patient) everyone I encountered was amazing!!!! Very polite great attitudes very helpful!!!! This is a very thankful Aunt and I wanted to thank Everyone in the ICU!!! Amazing job!!!!!

By: Debora J.

Kelsey Y.

I would like to recognize my Labor and Delivery nurse Kelsey Young. She came into my room in the morning at shift change and introduced herself with such a warm presence and made me feel comfortable right away. I was so impressed with her knowledge, skills, attention to detail, and quick acting (when my baby was having decelerations).
Being a UCLA RN myself, I was very nervous about who my bedside RN would be the day of my delivery as this was my first baby and Kelsey greatly exceeded my expectations.
There aren't enough words I can say about how wonderful my experience was with her as my bedside RN and I can't thank her enough. Please pass this message along to her and all her management. She deserves to be recognized for her incredible skills!

By: Michelle M.

Erik L.

Dr. Erik Lum is the best doctor I ever have. When seeing him, he takes the time to go over my test result, go over the reason of why keeping each meds level as it is. He communicated my situations on every steps to my regular nephrologist so when I got transfer out (from transplant center) to see her, she is on top of my situation. (I just saw Dr. Huma Kennedy today and realized that's what Dr. Lum have done).
A great doctor to a patient is not only on their medical field knowledge but the most important is to let patient feel their doctor care about them and feels they are in good hands and they can trust their doctor. Thank you UCLA for having Dr. Lum as your doctor. This is the reason I choose UCLA as my medical group.

By: Lynne H.

Niccole B.

She is a gem. Niccole is so warm and caring and such a blessing. You can tell she gives from her heart and is so genuine. You can't teach that. Thank you for knowing what I needed Niccole! ❤️ You touched my heart.

By: Sonja G.

Andre O.

I wanted to acknowledge RN Andre for being kind, caring and an overall amazing nurse. He made me feel comfortable and well cared for.

By: Sonja G.

Indra H.

You were so wonderful! Compassionate, gentle, smart, funny, and eager to help - thank you so much!

By: Patrick M.

Bernard L.

Bernard is a night shift LVN, Gonda observation unit. He was extraordinarily kind, considerate & attentive to my needs, comfort & wellbeing . He was also very respectful, sweet & caring. He made me feel well taken care to of. I want to thank him.

By: Sabira S.

Bartosz C.

Dr. Bartosz Chmielowski your kindness and patient care I will never forget and Grace who always made my visits memorable.

By: Michael R.

Arpine S.

Arpine is truly an assest for UCLA. She is prompt with her follow ups. She displays true empathy while attentively listening. She goes the extra mile to ensure her patients receive the best care possible. Please ensure you keep employees like Arpine because she's the reason many patients come back to UCLA.

By: Timar T.

Liver transplant team A.

Dear Liver Transplant Team,

I am writing this letter as a token of appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding care and services that you have provided to my loved one during their recent liver transplant procedure.

I cannot express my happiness and gratitude in words for the exceptional care that was given to the patient. From the pre-operation stages to the post-operation care, everything was managed with great professionalism and compassion.

The entire team was extremely supportive, accommodating, and empathetic towards the patient's condition. They always kept us informed about the progress of the surgery and the post-operation recovery. The team also provided us with the necessary information and resources for the patient's post-operation care.

We are truly thankful for the attention and care that was provided to my loved one in the transplant surgery. We also want to acknowledge the dedication and hard work that the team exhibited during the entire process.

We know that this was not an easy operation and appreciate the commitment and dedication that the entire team put into delivering the best possible care to the patient.

Thank you so much for the support, care, and attention that was provided during this process. The team's hard work and compassion have been remarkable, and we are forever grateful.


By: Stephanie C.

Truc N.

I just wanted to give a shout out to my Xray technician, Truc Nguyen. From the time I was called in to the time we were done she was friendly, bubbly and made me feel very comfortable and cared for. Thank you so much for making my day.

By: Martha V.

Raquel, Tiffany and Cat RNs, Marco Cutino, PCT, in TRU. Carmen and Richard, volunteers in surgery waiting. Justin and Stephani, RNs PACU U.

I want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the amazing staff and volunteers at UCLA Medical Center - Santa Monica. My sister recently had surgery that required an overnight stay in TRU and from the moment that we walked into the surgery waiting area until her discharge 24 hours later everyone we came into contact with was amazing. Richard and Carmen from Volunteer Services were both so kind and informative. Justin, RN and Stephanie, RN in PACU were attentive and responsive to our questions. Raquel, Tiffany and Cat the RNs in TRU were efficient, friendly and responsive. And a special Kudos to Marco Cutino,PCT in TRU who took the time to make sure my sister had everything she needed. During that time I discovered Marco use to work at the same hospital in Phoenix that I work at and I was able to pass his message on to his former leader. What a small world! Being a healthcare provider myself, I know that many times that the people who make a positive impact are not recognized. So I'm extremely happy that I can recognize the wonderful team you have at your facility. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!!!

By: Vicki E.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Staff A.

I want to send a big thank you to every staff member that assisted me throughout my visit to the Ambulatory Surgery Center. From the reception desk staff in the waiting room, to the nurse who helped me tie up the back of my hospital gown, to the nurse who wheeled me out when I was leaving -- AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN -- I am very grateful for having been treated with dignity, respect and a smile. From the nursing team, to the anesthesiology team, to the surgical team, to the overnight team, there were so many people I interacted with, all of whom are at the top of their game, that I don't want to name any names for fear of leaving someone out. So I will send this commendation out to everyone. Thank you.

By: Christopher C.

Fiona A.

I was admitted due to IC and impending loss of our son. My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better RN by our side during this time. She was such an amazing advocate for me that I felt I was a part of her family. She was really supportive in my care and very attentive to my needs as well as my husbands needs. She was thorough with nurses during shift changes & ensured me that I will continue to receive exceptional care. We adore her so much. It's obvious she loves what she does.

By: Thida Y.

Casey W.

I cannot begin to describe how wonderful Casey Weber has been. She does the scheduling for the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Casey has always been so friendly and helpful, going out of her way to help me with whatever need I have. She is truly an asset to UCLA.

By: Marietta D.

Ami P.

I would like to commend and show my appreciation for Dr. Ami Philipp. I transferred to UCLA health after having a lot of difficulty navigating and getting adequate care through Healthcare Partners and Optum. I went from having a particularly frustrating experience with healthcare to an incredibly positive experience. Dr. Philipp actually listened to what my concerns were. She was very patient and explained her recommendations thoroughly. This has meant a lot to me because I take an active role in my own health and want to actively take part in the decision making process for these matters. I never expected to find myself in the health conundrum that I have found myself in, but she has been extremely helpful in navigating it. I have had more answers in 6 months to a year since I have been under her care than I did in 5 years with my previous doctor/health group. I not only feel comfortable entrusting my care (or a family member's care) with Dr. Philipp, but she has also restored my trust in the healthcare system as a whole.

By: Jasmin O.

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