Care Compliments

Sohan C.

Sohan was one of the staff at the front desk. The entire time we were waiting while a family member was having major surgery, he checked in with us multiple times to provide helpful information, gave updates on the status of the procedure, and share what we can expect in the hours to come. Sohan helped make what was already a stressful situation into as good of an experience one could possible have. He embodies the pride and prestige of UCLA medical. THANK YOU SOHAN! 🙂

By: Tony U.

Ms. K.

Excellent post-op care. Kind, reassuring, professional. Patient and clear.

By: Evita C.

Raquel U.

Transport - wonderful attitude, provided safe transport back to our car, caring and warm.

By: Evita C.

Renyl J.

She explained each step in a warm, professional, caring manner, and put my husband at ease. Excellent IV insertion and blood draw.

By: Evita C.

Sohan I.

Remembered my name on the 2nd day and got me a pass with a smile. He cares and it shows!

By: David J.

Juan A.

I want to thank Juan Alfaro for helping me figure out the next step I need to further my medical care. He received a referral from my primary care physician, and he helped direct me to the appropriate therapy.
Please acknowledge his good service.

By: Louis W.

Kelsey K.

I've been a patient at UCLA since 2021.
I am writing to express my deep gratitude and admiration for the outstanding care provided by Kelsey Kringel, an exceptional physical therapist at UCLA Health. Over the past two years, Kelsey has been my physical therapist, and her commitment to my well-being has been truly remarkable. I can say without a doubt that she made a huge difference in my recovery.
Kelsey first treated me for a rotator cuff shoulder injury starting in 2022. From the very beginning, Kelsey's patience, expertise, and clear communication skills were outstanding. She explained the details of my condition and the rehabilitation process in a way that I could easily understand. Her personalized treatment plans were tailored to my specific needs and were instrumental in my progress to recovery.
More recently, Kelsey treated me for a hip fracture. Her consistent professionalism, patience, and compassionate approach have been invaluable during this difficult time. She continues to give me confidence in my road to recovery.
Kelsey's dedication to her patients is truly commendable. Her positive attitude, clear communications, and exceptional ability to adapt to different conditions make her an outstanding physical therapist. I feel privileged to have her as my therapist, and I believe that her contributions should be acknowledged and celebrated.
I want to extend my appreciation to Kelsey Kringel and the entire UCLA Health team for their exceptional care. With Kelsey's guidance, I am confident in my ability to recover. She is a credit to your institution, and I look forward to continuing under her care.
Thank you for having such an exceptional professional on your team. Kelsey Kringel has made a significant impact on my journey recovery, and I am sincerely grateful for her dedication and expertise.

By: Cui H.

Vangie U.

Vangie is an outstanding nurse-one of the best! Congratulations on continuing to make a difference on 3 West-UCLA Pediatrics.

By: Julie D.

Christina H.

I've been choosing UCLA Health as my healthcare for about 5 years, and I must say that Dr. Christina Han stands out as one of the finest physicians I've encountered during this time. Her genuine concern for my well-being became evident from our initial meeting.

Right from the start, Dr. Han delved into my medical history, leaving no stone unturned to ensure there were no concerns regarding my pregnancy. When she learned about my gestational diabetes and realized that my appointment with the diabetes educator coincided closely with my due date, she not only expedited the scheduling but also assumed the responsibility of closely monitoring my progress. Throughout the entire pregnancy, she meticulously reviewed my sugar log and consistently responded to my messages within a 3-hour timeframe.

I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated healthcare provider. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered a doctor as compassionate, attentive, and knowledgeable as Dr. Han!

By: Yao T.

Joel U.

Joel went above and beyond for me during what was one of the scariest situations I felt last night Joel made sure to stay extremely close and made me feel assured that I had him as a nurse taking care of me. Being able to have a confidence in my nurse like Joel is everything you could ask for in when you get a nurse because he truly shows what an amazing nurse is.

By: Amber B.

Janet S.

CP Janet was very attentive to my mom's needs during her stay after her kidney transplant surgery. Even when Janet wasn't feeling well herself, she did everything with a smile and pleasant demeanor.

By: Danielle R.

Ana N.

Ana is an EVS employee and she took excellent care of my mom's hospital room during her stay. Ana was the only one who wiped down surfaces, mopped the floor, AND emptied trash while we were here. She was super friendly and did everything with a smile. Thank you so much!

By: Danielle R.

Kevork K.

Dr. Kevork Kazanjian and his team are absolutely amazing and I am very thankful for the results of the sigmoid colectomy he performed on me. He truly is an amazing and gifted doctor with a very friendly and supportive team. I'm grateful and feel lucky to have come under his care.

By: Peter K.

Gabriel Z.

Gabriel is very attentive, kind and present with patients. I was surprised he had only worked at Stein Eye for 3 months as he fully embodies CICARE

By: Wendy T.


Kiara was extremely patient with my father during his MRI. He is claustrophobic and is in a lot of pain due to stage 4 cancer. My father (the patient) told me that her patience and compassion were the only reason he could complete the MRI. I am a nurse practitioner, and I would like to thank you for your great patient care, it is noticed and appreciated.

By: Martha R.

Desiree B.

Desiree is very intentional and knowledgeable about mobility. She is very encouraging and caring. She has truly encouraged me to walk and regain my strength. I give her a 10/10.

By: Dalia G.

Sierra V.

Therapist was extremely knowledgeable with hand placements and how to take my stress off my body. She truly made me feel relaxed and has hands of an angel. She allowed me to get in a really peaceful mindset.

By: Dalia G.

Patricia C.

Thank you Dr. Patricia Chang for always making me feel heard during my appointments!
Dr. Chang is a great primary care provider - we have gotten to know each other through the years and I always look forward to my appointments with her. She is very attentive, respectful and knowledgable.

By: Maite M.

Janet G.

Our CP Janet is just lovely. She was so helpful today and made my stay so much better. Kudos for hiring someone like Janet.

By: Bonnie E.

Jennifer S.

Jennifer was fantastic each time she had me on her shift. She took the time to make sure I was ok and that I had everything I needed and to minimize my pain. She was very very pleasant as well.

By: Elizabeth B.

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