Annette E. Maxwell, DrPH

Professor of Health Policy and Management
UCLA Center for Cancer Prevention and Control Research
UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity
Fielding School of Public Health and UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

Areas of Interest

  • Cancer prevention and control research
  • Community-partnered research
  • Implementation and dissemination research

Dr. Maxwell is professor of health policy and management and conducts research at the Center for Cancer Prevention and Control Research and the UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity. She has developed a cancer research program that focuses on reducing cancer disparities. With funding from the NIH, ACS and DOD, she has conducted randomized trials to test interventions to increase breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening, hepatitis B testing, and to improve adherence to diagnostic follow-up procedures. She has partnered with many community-based organizations and churches to develop and test these interventions and to train peer navigators and community health advisors to recruit participants, deliver program components and conduct assessments. Materials and protocols for three of Dr. Maxwell's trials have been posted at Rtips as examples of research-tested programs that are recommended for broad dissemination.

As an investigator and director of the Methodology Core for an NCI-funded Program Project (Liver Cancer Control Intervention for Asian Americans, PI Moon Chen, 2006-2012), Dr. Maxwell and colleagues evaluated a number of intervention strategies to promote hepatitis B testing among Korean Americans (small group educational sessions in churches in Los Angeles), Vietnamese (mass media and physician education in Northern California) and the Hmong (community health workers and navigation in the Sacramento area). Data from this study highlight the importance of access to care, having seen a provider and receiving a provider recommendation to obtain a Hepatitis B screening test.

Current projects related to GI/liver disease

Dr. Maxwell is currently conducting a 3-year pilot study with African American churches in South Los Angeles to reduce cancer disparities, with a focus on colorectal cancer. The pilot study will build the capacity of African American churches by training lay health advisors to interact with church members and to use evidence-based strategies to promote cancer screening. This study is funded by the NIH Comprehensive Minority Institution/Cancer Center Partnership Charles Drew University/ UCLA Cancer Center Partnership to Eliminate Cancer Health Disparities (2U54CA143931, PIs: J. Vadgama, CDU & R. Farias-Eisner, UCLA).

Selected publications

  1. Bastani R, Glenn BA, Taylor VM, Chen MS Jr, Nguyen TT, Stewart SL, Maxwell AE.Integrating theory into community interventions to reduce liver cancer disparities: The Health Behavior FrameworkPreventive Medicine 50(1-2):63-67, 2010. PMC3243444

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Contact information

650 Charles Young Drive South
A2-125 CHS, Box 956900
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6900

Email: [email protected]