Brains of Neurology

In this section, we will highlight certain members of our faculty here at UCLA Neurology, to showcase some of their important work in the field, and give you a chance to see some of the brains behind Neurology.

10/12/2021 Concussions and kids: Project co-led by UCLA gets $10 million grant from NIH

10/6/2021 Epilepsy specialist Sandra Dewar inducted into American Academy of Nursing

10/1/2021 A dime-sized buzzer on the foot could reduce epileptic seizures

9/27/2021 Anti-seizure medication improves cognitive function in some Alzheimer’s patients

8/25/2021 A place for MS patients to find expertise and community takes its next steps

8/17/2021 Epilepsy specialist draws on study of philosophy to improve patient care

8/11/2021 Stem cell treatment for dementia clears major hurdle

7/29/2021 Newer cholesterol-lowering drugs appear safer than statins for some patients

6/29/2021 Virtual reality boosts brain rhythms crucial for neuroplasticity, learning and memory

6/25/2021 How brain cells compensate for damage from a stroke

New results challenge the current model of how the brain can reorganize in the aftermath of a stroke

6/15/2021 What is the new Alzheimer's Disease medication, and who should get it?

Q&A with Keith Vossel, director of the Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer's Research and Care

6/15/2021 Blood clots that cause strokes can spawn smaller clots that may cause a new blockage

6/7/2021 UCLA Neurology researchers identify a new type of drug as a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease

5/28/2021 New blood test reads messages from the brain

5/11/2021 A loved one's diagnosis moved this UCLA Health researcher to take on ALS

5/6/2021 New treatments for cluster headache – a pain that ‘knows no peer’

4/29/2021 Vagus nerve stimulation during stroke rehab boosts arm mobility

4/15/2021 Lead Exposure Linked to Parkinson's Disease

4/9/2021 Thomas Carmichael elected to the Association of American Physicians

3/24/2021 UCLA Health hospital data reveals COVID-19 risk factors specific to Latino population

3/17/2021  Time lost is brain lost: Mobile Stroke Unit improves outcomes, trial shows

3/15/2021  UCLA forms collaboration with Yuyu Pharma to develop drug for stroke recovery

3/8/2021 'Telerehabilitation' may be key in helping stroke survivors regain motor skills

3/4/2021 Peter Goadsby, migraine expert, awarded the Brain Prize 2021

3/3/2021 A friend's death from a fall left a lasting impression on this UCLA Health Neurologist

2/22/2021 'Brain' organoids grown in lab mature much like infant brains

2/11/2021 Exposure to agricultural pesticides in California's Central Valley increases risk for depression and anxiety disorders

1/27/2021 UCLA Health neurologist leads way in diversity efforts for his specialty

1/7/2021 Alzheimer's disease study reveals new layers of complexity in how brain cells interact

12/23/2020 How our brains track where we and others go

12/18/2020 World-renowned migraine doctor joins UCLA Health team, bringing big plans

12/18/2020 UCLA-led study uses 3D-printed ‘blood vessels’ to identify possible link between coronavirus and stroke

12/17/2020 Jeffrey Saver joins executive committee for nationwide stroke study

12/7/2020 Epilepsy Treatment at UCLA Health Gives Patient the Confidence to Have a Baby

12/4/2020 Lab Profile: The Hinman Lab Focuses on Stroke and Dementia

11/30/2020 Years of isolation end for young man after surgery at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

11/16/2020 Getting Help for Non-Epileptic Seizures

11/13/2020 Going the Distance for Epilepsy Relief

10/30/2020 Lab Profile: The Rexach Lab Focuses on Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases

10/21/2020 Scientists Identify Compound That Stimulates Muscle Cells in Mice

10/19/2020 Extending the Genomics Revolution to People of All Ethnicities

New Gene Therapy Project for Adolescent Onset Muscular Dystrophy

'Time Cells' in the Brain Adapt and Change to Link Important Events in Memory

Partially Overlapping Patterns of Brain Function Found in Anorexia, BDD

Don't Overlook PTSD in COVID-19 Survivors When Treating 'Brain Fog'

Dementia to Blame for Higher Death Rate Among People with Epilepsy

Lab Profile: The Bitan Lab Focuses on Overcoming Neurodegenerative Diseases

July 31, 2020: Drs. Jessica Rexach and Keith Vossel selected for new endowed chair positions at UCLA

June 30, 2020: Alcohol exposure in the womb disrupts communication between brain regions

June 23, 2020: Large-scale study of Alzheimer’s disease brains may reveal new drug targets

June 18, 2020: Michael J. Fox Foundation awards $750,000 to UCLA researchers

June 9, 2020: New cholesterol-lowering drug prevents stroke in high-risk patients

Lab Profile: The Arac Lab Focuses on Brain-Behavior Relationship

May 29, 2020: Brain Tumor Drug Gets a Second Look

May 22, 2020: UCLA Welcomes New Director of Alzheimer’s Center

May 20, 2020: New Mutation May be a Major Contributor to Genetic Ataxia

May 8, 2020: How COVID-19 Affects the Nervous System

May 4, 2020: COVID-19 Prompts New Guidelines for Stroke Care

April 21, 2020: UCLA Neurologist Elected to the Association of American Physicians, a Society Honoring Outstanding Physician-Scientists

April 17, 2020: How Air Pollution Kills Brain Cells

April 17, 2020: UCLA Neurology Clinic Adopts Video Visits

April 10, 2020: Clinical Trials, Research Labs Disrupted by COVID-19

April 3, 2020: Neurology Department at UCLA Steps Up With 3-D Printed Face Shields to Forestall Shortages

March 20, 2020: Bilingualism Delays the Onset of Alzheimer’s Symptoms

March 6, 2020: A New Way to Think About Parkinson's Care: UCLA Workshop Explores the Challenges, Benefits of Learning Healthcare Systems