Brains of Neurology Lab Profiles

Meet the brains behind the UCLA Department of Neurology! Here we will spotlight the various faculty research labs that make up our department. You will hear directly from researchers about their novel work, cutting-edge methodology, and how their discoveries are being used to help those suffering from neurological disease. 

Lab member working in Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael's lab

Dr. S. Thomas Carmichael's lab focuses on stroke and neurorehabilitation, and how the brain repairs from injury.

Dr. Ranmal Samarasinghe

Dr. Ranmal Samarasinghe’s lab seeks to understand the mechanisms of neural network formation and dysfunction in epilepsy and autism.

Dr. Jeff Bronstein Holding Zebra Fish

Dr. Jeff Bronstein's lab studies the cause of Parkinson's Disease using cell models and a newly developed zebrafish model.

Dr. Daniel Geschwind and lab member

Dr. Daniel Geschwind's lab work to identify genes that increase risk for autism and neurodegenerative dementia.