3rd Year

Rachel Martin-Blais, MD

Undergraduate: Kenyon College, Gambier, OH
Medical School: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Hanover, NH
Residency: UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: Holderness, NH
Email[email protected]

Academic/Clinical Interests: International health, planetary health, viral and parasitic pathogens, vaccine-preventable disease, antibiotic stewardship

General Interests: Reading, nature walks/hiking (real hiking, not LA hiking), horseback riding, snowboarding, gardening (space gardening now that I'm apartment-bound in the city)

Why UCLA? My worst fear was graduating from training having never seen the whole spectrum of disease in my specialty. I picked UCLA for residency because I felt that this was a place where I could see everything in a supervised and structured environment, with time to read and learn outside of work, and that held true for fellowship, as well. We also have lovely residents and attendings, as well as a program director who will bend over backwards to make sure that you come of out fellowship with the skills you want--great for a trainee like me who has a lot of (seemingly disparate) interests.Bonus: My husband was here as a pediatric cardiology fellow.

1st Year

Tawny Saleh, MD

Undergraduate: University of California, Los Angeles
Medical School: Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program
Residency: Harbor UCLA Medical Center
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Email[email protected]

Academic/Clinical interests: International health, medical education, infectious diseases in immunocompromised children, viral and parasitic pathogens, transplant medicine, vaccine-preventable disease, congenital infections and management, epidemiology, preventative medicine and antibiotic stewardship

General interests: Enjoy early AM walks/jogging and cycling classes; spending time with friends/family; cooking; and teaching myself to play piano.

Why UCLA? UCLA is known for an excellent blend of rigorous diverse infectious disease training and strong academic tradition of research in infectious diseases. Because the division is situated within a renowned hospital and university, there are many opportunities for collaboration across disciplines and departments. There are abundant research opportunities to get involved with and strong mentorship from distinguished faculty, who are outstanding and greatly care for the fellows’ academic interests. Additionally, we have a phenomenal program director who works alongside our wonderful program coordinator in looking out for the fellows  education, professional development, and well-being. They go above and beyond to connect the fellows with mentors and training opportunities to give them the best education available for their particular interests and career path. Also, Los Angeles is a diverse city with excellent food, many different fun activities to do during days off, and impeccable weather, which is frankly hard to beat. In summary, as a life-long loyal Bruin, UCLA is an outstanding place to train and start your career path in Peds ID!