A doctor sitting next to and showing a document to a patient.

Welcome to Engage by UCLA Health

For patients, it’s elevated health outcomes. For doctors, it’s building the best knowledge and capacity. For our partner institutions, it’s the competitive advantage to grow revenue.

Employer Solutions

Let’s discuss how we can support your healthcare needs.

Advisory Services

Let’s discuss what's possible when you have UCLA Health’s world-class advisors by your side.

Employer Solutions

Let us help navigate your employees and their families to high quality care, right where they live and work.

When you partner with UCLA Health, you get customized healthcare and wellness programs to keep your employees and your organization healthy.  You also get access to a dedicated navigation team to make the process of scheduling appointments and finding providers as easy as possible.  From primary care to complex specialty care and everything in between, UCLA Health providers are with you and your employees through all stages of life.

A black doctor with mask and face shield showing documents to a patient.
Businessman and doctor holding a tablet discussing.

Advisory Services

Imagine getting support from some of the best specialists in the world without getting on a plane.

At UCLA Health, we bring outstanding clinical expertise and operational rigor to help partner institutions achieve the best possible health outcomes. We’re only offering our help to a few eligible hospitals, so not all who apply will be accepted. But if you’re interested in taking your patient care to the next level, and you seek to differentiate your offering from your local market competitors, we want to hear from you.