Business Strategy

At UCLA Health, we are committed to acting on the promise of healthcare reform that expands coverage, provides greater accessibility and improves the quality of healthcare for all patients. 

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About our Business Strategy

As a leading public institution dedicated to medicine, education, and research, we are committed to achieving the goals of healthcare reform by delivering the right care, to the right patient, at the right time, at the right cost. We welcome partnerships with organizations equally committed to achieving economic and population health in all communities, and we embrace the challenge of today’s healthcare market by providing exceptional care and patient experience to those who choose UCLA Health for their healthcare needs. To support our mission: teaching, research and clinical, our growth strategy is predicated on three overarching pillars:

  • Expand UCLA’s primary care network in target markets
  • Secure partners, alliances and other collaborations and integrate:
    • with well-positioned hospitals to accommodate primary-and-secondary care discharges
    • with well-positioned UCLA specialists to ensure appropriate care is given at the optimal venue clinically across the physician enterprise
  • Deliver value-based care to better manage patient populations and risk. Pursue local, regional and national partnerships, alliances and collaborations to position us as the tertiary/quaternary provider of choice

Growing UCLA Health is essential to our continued success. Working as a cohesive team, we are excited to build an even brighter future at UCLA Health.

Why Partner with UCLA Health?

Growth through affiliations and partnerships

  • We seek partners who embrace the challenges and opportunities of today's healthcare market and share UCLA Health's commitment to providing exceptional care and patient experience.

  • We seek partners who are at the forefront of driving change, realignment and innovation without compromising our commitment to serve the community as a leader in healthcare delivery.
  • We seek partners who are committed to achieving population health through community engagement and dedicated presence.
  • Building on the success of the existing partnerships highlighted on our site,  we continue to evaluate and execute partnerships and affiliations that align with UCLA Health's mission, vision and strategic objectives.

Benefits of partnering with UCLA Health

  • We are highly sought by the patient community based on our healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • We are an aligned and integrated research, innovation, education and patient care hub allowing us to drive change and reform.
  • We want to build relationships in the community that allow for tertiary and quaternary business to flow to UCLA Health where it is best performed, and non-tertiary and quaternary business to be performed by affiliates in community settings where they are best performed. We want the right level of care in the appropriate care setting for all our patients.
  • We are a growing healthcare presence.
  • Our goal is to continue to develop alliances and create partnerships that enable UCLA Health to provide the entire continuum of care.

Examples of affiliations and partnerships

Southern California Orthopedic Institute and UCLA Health alliance

UCLA Health and the Southern California Orthopedic Institute have signed a strategic alliance that brings together two organizations with reputations for excellence in orthopaedic care to benefit patients. Under the alliance, patients in key communities, including the San Fernando, Conejo and Santa Clarita Valleys, as well as Bakersfield, will enjoy expanded treatment options to access high-quality orthopaedic care closer to where they live or work. The strategic alliance includes four state-of-the-art outpatient surgery centers in these communities:

  • Center for Orthopedic Surgery
  • Valencia Outpatient Surgical Center
  • Conejo Surgery Center
  • Bahamas Surgery Center

accentCare and UCLA Health joint services

AccentCare Inc. and UCLA Health are creating a jointly owned home health services agency, AccentCare UCLA Health, to serve patients in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. The new agency is designed to provide a comprehensive continuum of care after patients have been discharged from the hospital to facilitate efficient provider network communication, improved safety and faster healing.

Vivity offered by Anthem BlueCross

Vivity HMO is a partnership with Anthem Blue Cross, Cedars-Sinai, Good Samaritan Hospital, Huntington Memorial Hospital, MemorialCare Health System, PIH Health, and Torrance Memorial Medical Center to offer a new integrated health system that will make access to high-quality care easier and more affordable for our members in Los Angeles and Orange counties. It is a first-in-the-nation partnership between an insurer and a group of competing hospital systems to enhance the health of all plan members as well as to share financial risk and gain. This innovative collaboration will significantly advance the medical-delivery system, simplify the care experience and create a structure with aligned incentives to eliminate waste and redundancy and improve overall health.

California Rehabilitation Institute logo

UCLA Health, Cedars-Sinai and Select Medical are partnering to create California Rehabilitation Institute, a 138-bed acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital located in the former Century City Hospital. With an expected opening in late 2015, the facility will offer a broad range of acute inpatient rehabilitation and therapy services, and it will allow us to serve a greater number of patients, including a growing number of medically complex patients.

Specialty Surgical Center

Specialty Surgical Center of Encino and UCLA Health have partnered to provide patients with the right care in the right setting by joining with community-based healthcare leaders. Specialty Surgical Center of Encino is among the largest state-of-the-art outpatient surgery centers in the San Fernando Valley, and is a highly preferred multi-specialty provider. Now, some UCLA patients will be able to receive outpatient surgical treatment from Specialty Surgical Center of Encino, which is a recognized leader in providing community-based care that addresses the individual need of each patient, in a warm, comfortable and safe environment.

UCLA Stein Eye Institute - Doheny Eye Institute

Doheny Eye Institute and UCLA Stein Eye Institute, two of the nation's top centers of ophthalmology, now work together to advance patient care, vision research and education.

Operation Mend - Healing the Wounds of War

UCLA Operation Mend is a groundbreaking program that provides returning military personnel with severe facial and other medical injuries access to the nation's top plastic and reconstructive surgeons, as well as comprehensive medical and mental-health support for the wounded and their families. 

UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital of Orange County

UCLA  Health and Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) have partnered with the goal of revolutionizing pediatric congenital cardiac care. Leveraging their combined expertise, resources, and innovative approaches, the two renowned health care institutions will work together to provide medical services to children with congenital heart conditions across Southern California. This alliance seeks to expand access to specialized care, advance research and education, and further improve the health outcomes of young patients.

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Engaging with the community

Community engagement means leaving the confines of the campus walls for the unlimited possibilities of healthier neighborhoods, families and futures.

As a leading public institution, we are committed to delivering population health management, and working within communities to achieve this public goal. We partner with community organizations throughout California and beyond to improve health through solutions that address social, cultural and biological determinants. Our teaching, patient care, and research are directly embedded within the communities where people work, live and play.

Are you interested in working with UCLA Health?

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