Graduate Students

The Jacobs Laboratory is accepting rotating graduate students from the MCIP (Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology) and Molecular Toxicology PhD Programs. Email [email protected] for more information

SRA II (Microbiome Core)

The Jacobs Laboratory is seeking a motivated candidate to fulfill the roles of a staff research associate for the UCLA Microbiome Core. The main responsibilities are to perform high throughput DNA/RNA sequencing, anaerobic culture of microbes, and lab maintenance. You will collaborate with other members of the lab and interact with users of the UCLA Microbiome Core. You will also perform lab maintenance and administrative tasks needed to sustain efficient laboratory operations. Job posting

SRA II (Gnotobiotic Technician)

The Jacobs Laboratory is searching for an experienced gnotobiotic animal technician to manage a new gnotobiotic mouse facility at the West Los Angeles VA. This facility includes medium and large-sized single tier CBC flexible film isolators and Allentown sealed positive pressure rack and cage systems. The position will also involve management of several medium-sized single tier CBC flexible film gnotobiotic isolators operated by the Jacobs Laboratory at UCLA. The main responsibilities will be to maintain gnotobiotic equipment, perform gnotobiotic mouse work, and train new users of the gnotobiotic equipment. Job posting

Postdoctoral Fellow

The Jacobs Laboratory is offering a post-doctoral fellowship in microbiome science to investigate the role of intestinal microbes and their metabolites in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) using gnotobiotic models. Applicants must have extensive experience with animal models and molecular biology techniques for their prior scientific projects. Direct experience with microbiome research is welcome but not required. Prior bioinformatics exposure is not necessary. Job posting