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What is UCLA HealthLink?

UCLA HealthLink provides secure, remote access for community providers, vendors, and their office staff to a portion of UCLA's electronic health record (EHR) in order to improve continuity of care, check managed care eligibility, submit/review referrals, and view claim status. Any computer which has a broadband internet connection, appropriate security, and the required hardware can access UCLA HealthLink.

Why HealthLink?

  • A user-friendly online application that's easily accessible from any web browser
  • Real-time access to results and other clinical information; including PACs images
  • Streamlined ordering and referral options
  • Direct communication with UCLA providers
  • Alerts and notifications about shared patients

HealthLink Portal

Secure access to patients' electronic health records for Referring Providers

How can I get access to HealthLink?

Request access by submitting a brief questionnaire. Our HealthLink Team will reach out to guide you through the process.


HealthLink Access

Please work directly with your UCLA business partner (Sponsor). After consulting with the Sponsor, you may begin the request process by completing the New Access Request Form. If you would like more information, please submit your questions using the Customer Service Form.

Access will be determined by the UCLA HealthLink governing group on an individual basis.

  1. Submit an access request form after Sponsor approval
  2. Submit a copy of your general liability insurance certificate
  3. Complete and sign off on the UCLA HealthLink Use Agreement

All users accessing HealthLink will need to first authenticate into the site using Duo for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This step will provide an extra layer of security to the HealthLink website.

All new requests will be addressed within two weeks of submitting the completed access request form and required documents.

Access can also be extended to other non-providers on a case-by-case basis. If you are a payor, researcher, other vendor, please work directly with your UCLA Sponsor to discuss HealthLink as an option for you. Applications for access should only be submitted after approval from the UCLA Sponsor.

Once a request is received, timeline is dependent on the new user completing the necessary requirements (e-Forms, training, etc.). IT takes approximately 5-10 working days to set-up a new user account. After that time, the user needs to complete the required training. Access is granted the day after training is completed and proved proficient.

If you did not receive a confirmation email within two business days of completing your training, please contact the UCLA HealthLink team.

UCLA HealthLink Team

Password Reset

Once system access requirements are completed, an email will be sent with your AD user ID and temporary password.

  1. Change the temporary password to a permanent confidential password.
  • Check your “Non-Employee Access Request form” or Access & Training email sent from [email protected].
  • If you do not know your secret word, please contact Customer Care at 310-267-CARE (2273). You will be asked to provide a selfie picture that contains you and a government picture ID.

Site Administrator

Your Site Administrator is the liaison between your organization and the UCLA HealthLink team, he/she was designated when access was originally requested.

Call UCLA Health IT Customer Care at 310-267-CARE (2273) to report the issue, and they will enter a ticket on your behalf.

The Site Administrator is responsible for:

  • Requesting access for new users
  • Terminating access for users
  • Performing 90-day site audits
  • Ensuring HIPAA compliance with use of UCLA HealthLink

Sites may have a primary and secondary site administrator. A new or different site administrator may be designated upon completion of appropriate training by the appointed individual.

Follow the steps listed on our Community Referring Provider/Staff page:

Request Access

The HealthLink Site Administrator is responsible for terminating access for users via the HealthLink portal. This will notify the HealthLink Team to process the termination. If you do not have immediate access to deactivate a user via the HealthLink portal, please call UCLA Health IT Customer Care at (310) 267-CARE (2273). It is important that users are deactivated as soon as you are aware they no longer need access.

  • Involuntary Termination: Immediate notification via the portal must be provided for involuntary terminations.
  • Voluntary Termination: Notification via the portal must be done within 5 days for voluntary resignations.

If you have forgotten how to do this via the portal, please review the Site Administrator training guide.


Login into Cornerstone using your UCLA Health Mednet username and password. Then go to My Transcripts to view assigned training.

Log into Cornerstone

A PDF copy can be viewed and downloaded by going to the “Training Materials” section and choosing the appropriate group:

Please note that the training materials require login to access. For "username" use your AD username followed by "" and use your AD password.

Username and password for training materials can be located in the “Access and Training” email sent to you by [email protected]

Access to the system is granted 24 hours after achieving proficiency for the training course. Once access is granted, you will receive an email confirming your access is live, along with a link to the HealthLink portal.

Contact your UCLA UM team and provide this information to them.

Contact your UCLA UM team as soon as possible and provide as much information as possible, they will guide you through the next steps to follow.

System Requirements

  • Apple Safari™ version 15 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox™ version 102 or above
  • Google Chrome™ version 106 or above
  • Apple Safari™ version 15 or above
  • Google Chrome™ version 106 or above
  • Google Chrome™ version 106 or above
  • Microsoft Edge version 106 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox™ version 102 or above
  • Google Chrome™ version 106 or above
  • Google Chrome™ version 106 or above

Terms and Conditions

NOTE: Unauthorized use of UCLA Health information systems and/or data, which includes inappropriate view, review, access and/or disclosure of medical and personal information can result in termination of access privileges, (ii) notification to the State and federal agencies, (iii) fines and reporting to licensing boards, and (iv) may constitute grounds for either civil action (for restitution) or criminal prosecution.

By using UCLA HealthLink I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the responsibilities regarding access and protection of confidential information as follows:

  • UCLA Health will issue me a unique username/access code that will not be reassigned to any other individual. Upon logging in for the first time, I will change the system-assigned password to one known only by me. I understand that my password should be at least 14 characters long and the UCLA Health policy will be followed regarding the password.
  • I will safeguard and will not disclose my access codes, passwords or any other authorizations I may have that allow me to access PHI to anyone. I will accept responsibility for all activities performed under my access codes, passwords or other authorizations.
  • I will not use the access codes or passwords of another individual to access PHI.
  • I will not access my own medical record. I will not access the medical records of my family members or friends, if I am not involved in their care or treatment.
  • I understand that my activities and access to the EHR may be monitored and audited by UCLA Health.
  • I acknowledge that my failure to comply with this Access Agreement may result in termination of access to the EHR as well as disciplinary action imposed by my employer which may include termination of employment.

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