Innovation at UCLA Health

We innovate to improve patient care.

Biotech lab with DNA

Health Care Innovation at UCLA

At UCLA, health innovation isn’t an afterthought or an add-on. It’s part of our history — and a key piece of our present and our future.

UCLA has long been a leader in innovative health care delivery.

UCLA Health Innovation Challenge

We seek breakthroughs to build a better world.

Now accepting applications through June 30, 2024. 

Advanced Imaging equipment

UCLA Biodesign

UCLA Biodesign is pioneering healthcare innovation.  Uniting stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, UCLA Biodesign seeks to transform medicine through the development of novel technologies.  Education and training are central to UCLA Biodesign’s mission. UCLA Biodesign works with industry partners and the medical community to advance solutions that deliver improved value and outcomes to patients worldwide.

UCLA Biodesign Discovery Fellowship

Applications open now through September 30th.

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Innovator Opportunities

Turning a novel idea into a commercial product can be a complicated and costly process. To support innovators across campus, funding opportunities and other resources are available.

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Biomedical Innovation

For decades, UCLA has been a leader in biomedical technology innovation. We embrace new technologies that solve problems and improve patient well-being. Here are some of our greatest hits.

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Innovation Resources

Connecting you to the tools and innovation resources you need to turn your discoveries into products that advance biomedical science — and save lives.