Second Affiliated Hospital Zhejiang University (China)


Since 2001, Zhejiang University and UCLA have had a Master Affiliation Agreement to implement academic and research collaborations. In 2009, UCLA and SAHZU signed an MOU to develop specific academic medical program exchanges and related activities to enhance the academic programs at each institution, provide educational opportunities for training in medical sciences, and improve clinical care.

Highlights of Partnership

Through a bilateral relationship, the goal was for UCLA to collaborate with SAHZU and enhance the following opportunities:

  • Real-time telemedicine
  • Executive management leadership training
  • Academic collaborations
  • Formal referral channel

What we have achieved

  • China’s biggest international telemedicine program: 2200+ cases to date
  • Exemplary thyroid tumor program: 3000+ FNA Cases annually; 500+ Trainees
  • ACGME-recognized residency training program and new fellowship programs in Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine, Pathology and Ultrasound
  • Joint scientific research projects

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