Music Therapy

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The Music Therapy program at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital is supported by the Peterson Family Foundation. Music Therapy is a complimentary service for patients and their families.

Music therapy uses music-based interventions to address a person’s cognitive, social, emotional, psychological, physical, physiological and spiritual needs. A credentialed music therapist leads clinical and evidence-based interventions designed to help achieve your individual therapy goals. Music therapy can be beneficial for the entire family and provides an alternative method of communication and emotional processing. Music therapy is available to individuals of all ages and is provided to all pediatric units.

Benefits of music therapy

  • Outlet for emotional expression and support
  • Anxiety, stress and pain management
  • Family support and bonding
  • Refocus and relax during procedures and routine care
  • Normalization of hospital environment
  • Cognitive, neurologic, social and emotional development

Music therapy sessions

Music-therapy sessions are tailored to the needs and preferences of each person. Sessions vary in duration and participants decide their level of involvement. Music Therapy visits are conducted at bedside and in playroom areas.

Examples of the different music-therapy techniques:

  • Therapeutic lessons with instruments
  • Songwriting/recording and sing-along/musical activities
  • Live music for guided relaxation and meditation
  • Lyric analysis through listening and discussing music
  • Music improvisation and instrument play
  • Life review through creating your own musical timeline
  • Creating playlists to support personal needs

How music therapy is different from a musical performance

Music therapy sessions are not performances and they are not purely intended for entertainment. The difference between performers/visiting musicians and music therapy is the therapeutic relationship. Music therapists are board-certified members of your multidisciplinary care team who work with you to achieve specific clinical goals aligned with your care plan.

How to request music therapy

UCLA Health doctors, nurses, social workers, child life specialists and other hospital staff can request a music therapy referral on your behalf. Just ask them!

If you have questions about music therapy, call Jenna Bollard, Music Therapy program director at (310) 267-9426.

Support music therapy at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital

Thank U to our supporters who help provide musical instruments and philanthropic support to our program. Because of U we can continue to offer Music Therapy services to patients and their families.

To make an online gift please click here. For more information about supporting music therapy initiatives, please contact Kelli Carroll (Director of Child Life) at (310) 267-9435 or Jenna Bollard (Music Therapist) at (310) 267-9426.