UCLA participates in national research study on autism


"Autism does not discriminate and occurs at equal rates across all ethnic groups," says Amanda Gulsrud, Ph.D, a clinical director at UCLA’s Jane and Terry Semel Institute's Center for Autism Research & Treatment.

Dr. Gulsrud adds, "We know that communities of color are not represented in research at the rate that white families are. And this is a problem."

UCLA is participating in a national research study called SPARK that will involve 50,000 individuals with autism and their families to understand the genetic causes of the disease. To participate: Click here.

CBS News correspondent Mireya Villareal speaks to Veronica, a mother whose daughter--after losing her verbal skills and ability to interact with her family--was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. They spoke about the importance of including minority groups in autism research: Watch here.


UCLA is actively searching for diverse families in communities of color to participate. To learn more or to participate visit: https://www.semel.ucla.edu/autism/spark-autism