Dr. Valentina Ogaryan named new clinical director of Simms/Mann Center

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Valentina Ogaryan, PhD, has been named the new clinical director of the Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. In her new role, Dr. Ogaryan will oversee and supervise the clinical and training team. 

"I feel honored to be leading our team of talented clinicians and incredible interns and fellows who are passionate about providing whole-person psychosocial care to our patients and their loved ones,” Dr. Ogaryan said.

Dr. Ogaryan is a familiar face to the staff and patients of the Simms/Mann Center. While in graduate school, she completed her practicum at the Center and after receiving her doctoral degree in 2017 quickly found her way back to the Simms/Mann Center for her post-doctoral fellowship. She then joined the Simms-Mann Center staff as a psychologist six years ago.

Most recently, Dr. Ogaryan has been the training director for the Simms/Mann Center, serving as mentor for the Simms/Mann team.

Dr. Valentina Ogaryan
Dr. Valentina Ogaryan