Enabling Trainees to Implement Innovation


“The Biodesign Program kicks off with an intensive 10-day boot camp dedicated to fundamentals of the innovation process,” states Jennifer McCaney, who serves as assistant professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and program director of the Biodesign Program. “Over the next year, the trainees will apply that innovation process to a project in the area of medical technology.

The Biodesign Program is the culmination of efforts between DGSOM, the UCLA Health System, and the Anderson School of Management to bring healthcare technology innovation to our campus. We want to enable our trainees and our graduates at UCLA to be future leaders in healthcare. We have an amazing group of trainees and we want them to have a fulfilling experience that will enable them to go out into our health system and beyond in their careers to implement innovation.”

Learn more at uclahealth.org/innovation

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