Coming up to my 1 year Birthday for my new lungs.

August 16, 2018
By 4Pritch
1 min read

In Oct. of 2017, I had a dual lung transplant at UCLA/ Ronald Reagan Medical Center. It was an 8-hour surgery with 9 days in ICU and a total of 22 days in the hospital. Pre-surgery I was not able to walk 40 feet to my mailbox on 8 Liters of O2. I now walk 3 miles every day. I was on 42 meds initially and now down to 14, with 6 being vitamins. I give my blessings and enjoy every single day. I have the green light to travel from my Pulmonologist, and my wife/caregiver and I will be flying to Denmark next month for 15 days. I go to the monthly Lung Transplant support group and highly recommend it to all pre and post-transplant patients. Hope to see you there as it is very inspiring and special to be with TX family.