COVID by the numbers at UCLA Health: A million tests; 300,000 vaccines; 55,000 patients

Three years since the first U.S. case of COVID-19
Health care workers receives COVID vaccine

Three years ago this month, the first case of COVID was diagnosed in the United States. Here are the latest figures on the pandemic, collected by UCLA Health hospitals and clinics.

Clinical care

  • 49,662: Patients treated for COVID-19 in ambulatory settings (not hospitalized)
  • 5,594: Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 since beginning of pandemic
  • 1,156: Total patients admitted to ICU (20.7% of all cases)
  • 591: Patients requiring ventilation (10.6%)
  • 18: Current number of inpatients as of Jan. 27, 2023 (down from 39 two weeks ago)

Testing and vaccination

  • 346,234: Patients tested for COVID-19 (all settings)
  • 37,948: Positive results (11%)
  • 290,606: Negative results (83.9%)
  • 17,680: Inconclusive or no result (5.1%)
  • 1,187,534: COVID-19 PCR tests performed at UCLA Health Lab (includes repeat tests on same patient)
  • 299,160: Total COVID-19 vaccine doses administered


  • Prior to COVID, 0.5% of our total visits were telehealth (between 15-40 visits per day)
  • In April 2020 (peak of telehealth), 60% of our total visits were telehealth (3,500 visits per day)
  • Now that we have stabilized, 16% of our total visits are telehealth. Some departments (such as psychiatry) do far more (over 50% of their total volume).
  • Since March 1, 2020, we have completed 1,335,404 telehealth visits

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