Kid-run cancer nonprofit to give grants to Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA

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The kid-run nonprofit organization Shred Kids' Cancer will present grants totaling $10,000 — in the form of two oversized checks of $5,000 each — to pediatric cancer doctors at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital to fund their research. 
The money was raised at two Shred Kids' Cancer events in 2011: "Shredfeast," held at the California Pizza Kitchen, and "Shredfest 3," a battle-of-the-bands concert held at the House of Blues. The group will also donate toys and electronics to the hospital's Chase Child Life Program.  
Shred Kids' Cancer was founded by Teagan Stedman in 2009, when, as a 9-year-old, he found out his friend Alex Berson had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Berson was successfully treated at UCLA.
10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 6
The event will feature the following individuals:
From Shred Kids' Cancer 
? Teagan Stedman, 11, founder and chairman
? Emma Berson, 13, co-vice chair
? Alex Berson, 16, co-vice chair
? Alex Arnaout, 13, board member
? Kelly Stedman, secretary and director
? Tracie Berson, director and "Shredfest" auction committee co-chair
? Anna Arnaout, "Shredfest" auction committee co-chair
? Tony Baraz, director
From UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital
? Dr. Kathleen Sakamoto, professor, chief of pediatric hematology–oncology
? Dr. Noah Federman, assistant professor of pediatric hematology–oncology
? Amy Bullock, director of the Chase Child Life department
UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, first floor lobby (map)
757 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, Calif. 90095
Shred Kids' Cancer is a charitable organization dedicated to serving the community by offering a solution for kids to help fight childhood cancer and show their peers who are suffering that they are here to help. The organization is run primarily by kids and raises funds through concerts, charity dinners, and other events and activities.
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