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UCLA Health considers patient confidentiality a critical part of our mission of teaching, research and patient care. Other than Ms. Fawcett and her family and friends, no one could be more disturbed by the release of her private medical information than the doctors, nurses and administrators of the UCLA Health. We've worked diligently over the past year to improve our privacy compliance program and will continue to focus efforts on this critical component of our mission.

 To help ensure patient confidentiality the UCLA Health has: 

  • Expanded the auditing capabilities of our information systems to ensure patient privacy is maintained.
  • Evaluated and enhanced our clinical information systems to reduce the risk of information security violations. Examples include masking Social Security Numbers to only display the last 4 digits and creating a requirement to identify the reasons for accessing a clinical record.
  • Implemented a new training and certification module for HIPAA. All doctors, staff and students are required to complete this new HIPAA training.

The UCLA Health is totally committed to the continued improvement and enhancement of our policies, procedures and infrastructure to ensure the confidentiality of our patients' medical records.

"UCLA regrets that it did not detect the violations by Ms. Jackson years ago. On behalf of the entire leadership of the UCLA Health I am deeply sorry for this failure, and the personal distress these breaches may have caused," said Dr. David T. Feinberg, CEO, and associate vice chancellor UCLA Hospital System.

"We can't undo the wrongs of the past. But we can and are redoubling our efforts to not only improve our training and security systems, but to create a culture where this type of behavior could not take place," Dr. Feinberg stated.

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Media Contact

Roxanne Moster
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[email protected]