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In the webcast, the director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research discusses findings of the newest California Health Interview Survey, the largest survey of Californians and their health.
"We found a very strong relationship between the density of fast-food outlets in a given community and the level of obesity," said E. Richard Brown, pointing to one key finding. The survey also provided the data to estimate that two-thirds of the state's 7 million uninsured will likely be eligible in 2014 for new medical coverage options under healthcare reform.
Also in this UCLA News|Week, scientists stumble upon a chemical that appears to induce hair growth in mice, possibly a key to re-growth of human hair; children with ADHD are much more likely to develop substance abuse problems later in life; astronomers discover a new cluster of stars in the Andromeda galaxy; and UCLA engineers make advances in nanotechnology using nanoribbons.
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