UCLA Seeks Adults with Diabetes for Study on Effects of Experimental Drug on Heart Disease and Stroke

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UCLA researchers seek adults with Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to help evaluate an investigational drug and its effects on heart disease and stroke risk.

To qualify for the study, volunteers need to be age 50 or older, have had a heart attack or stroke, or be at high risk for such a cardiovascular event.  UCLA is one of 27 sites internationally taking part in the research study.

"There is an epidemic of diabetes and those with this condition are also at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease," said principal investigator Dr. David Heber, Professor of Medicine and Director, UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. "We're currently researching the effects of this investigational drug and its effect on cardiovascular risks in this patient population."

Participants will come to the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition for 19 clinic visits over the course of the eight-year study. Volunteers will receive physical exams and provide blood samples.  After initial screening, volunteers will be randomized (similar to flipping a coin) to receive either a weekly injection of study drug, or a placebo under the skin of the abdomen.

Most common side effects of the study drug include nausea, stomach pain and either loose stools or constipation.  Volunteers will be compensated for study participation.

For more information, please call the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition at 310-825-0453 or 310-825-5517.


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Media Contact

Rachel Champeau
(310) 794-2270
[email protected]