A Caring Bystander

UCLA Health article

Thanksgiving 2019 will not be forgotten. I had an accident on my way to work early about 6:09 AM. It was raining and suddenly I lost control of my car. I stirred the car to the left worried I might hit a car on the right and hit the break. I spun across the 101 South freeway and ended up with my car facing the opposite direction from incoming traffic on the shoulder of the freeway. Thank God, I was okay, I did not hit any car and no car hit me. I was not able to start the car so I called my work and notified them my situation. I was planning to call road side assistance. Suddenly, someone knocked on my window asking if I was okay. I came out and thanked him that he stopped by. He said he saw my tail light and stopped. He was on ramp to enter the 101 South. I saw his uniform "Care Partner at UCLA Health". He helped me to figure out what to do and offered his car to make phone calls because it was raining. He stayed with me until LAFD personnels pass by and stopped at the scene. I never asked his name until he was about to leave. He said his name was Jake. I am forever thankful for his great kindness. I pray to God that Jake receives abundant blessings because saying thank you is nothing compared to his compassion toward me. I tried to contact UCLA Health to have him recognized for his wonderful acts but they could not help me to find him. Thank you so much Jake!

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