A Caring Doctor - Dr. Angela Ruman

UCLA Health article

Dr. Angela Ruman has been my doctor for many years, and is always helpful, responsive and kind. Recently, I had a mammogram that was suspicious and a biopsy was required. I tried to schedule the biopsy, but learned it would be almost three weeks before an appointment was available, probably because it was right around the Christmas and New Year holidays. I was concerned, and really didn't want to wait three weeks to find out if there was a malignancy. I contacted Dr. Ruman via my.uclahealth.org, and she got back to me right away, acknowledging my worry and letting me know she would find out if she could help. The next day, Dr. Ruman called me to let me know she had reached out to UCLA Radiology for me, and learned about two biopsy appointment cancellations that had just occurred. I was able to grab one of those appointments, had my biopsy the following day, and learned there was no malignancy.

Dr. Ruman's kindness was a great holiday gift to me!

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