A life again!

UCLA Health article

I weighed 115 pounds (6’0”) and had been in a wheel chair and on oxygen for 2 years. I was gently told that I was too weak for a transplant and would be taken off the National Transplant List in about a week. Friday night we got the call at 5:15PM. This was the start of a new life! My entire world had been an oxygen machine and a 60 foot oxygen tube. So many doctors and staff surrounded me during and after my surgery. So many caring people! The nurses in ICU were unbelievable caring of me. From the beginning of my new life until now my primary physicians (Dr. Weigt & Dr. Soriano) have been by my side and always encouraging me and caring for my health. The staff has been so loving and caring! These men and women are true care givers. They could make a lot more money in private practice but they instead have made their life’s journey to care for their patients and teach others. I commend them and thank them from the bottom of my heart. I pray that God will continue to bless them in their passion of caring for their patients.