A MARVELous Birthday Surprise for Patient at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital


UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital Chase Child Life Specialist, Megan Pike had an extraordinary idea to help celebrate the 18th birthday of patient — and Marvel superfan, Jesus.

After multiple organ transplants, Jesus has been a long-time patient at UCLA Mattel Children's hospital, and as a result, well-known to most of the staff. Meagan says, "the scavenger hunt was a way for Jesus to bring together the people he has known almost his entire life, and that really, really care about him."

Chase Child Life Specialist, Megan Pike with Jesus plotting his next mission during Jesus' 18th birthday scavenger hunt

The epic adventure would take Jesus throughout the hospital and require participation from multiple departments, from cafeteria chefs to security. Not only did hospital staff go beyond the call of duty, but also received the help of actor Josh Brolin, who played Thanos in "Avengers Endgame."

Staff come together to celebrate Jesus' 18th birthday

Brolin surprised Jesus with a personalized video singing “Happy Birthday” and gifted Jesus an autographed Thanos action figure as a birthday present. The action figure was delivered to Jesus while he watched the surprise video.

Based on Jesus' reaction, he was pleasantly surprised by not only Josh, but by the extraordinary lengths staff went through to celebrate his special day.