A Vascular Story

UCLA Health article

When I smile and say “Ah, yes, Dr. Steven Farley, he saved my life!” people assume it’s a bit of melodrama. But I actually believe he did. Back in late 2016 I watched a large varicose vein swell and become inflamed. Dr. Farley verified a blood clot and monitored its movement over the next two weeks, more or less on call, even on his non-clinic days. When the clot reached the sapheno-femoral junction and became a deep vein thrombosis, he immediately prescribed the heavy-artillery med, and monitored my progress in resolving the clot before it could do its nasty job. Since then he has willingly been available whenever an inflammation becomes worrisome. He’s cheerful, friendly, witty, and still trying to convince me to do a vein ablation!