Best ENT Ever part 2

UCLA Health article

We have been apart of ucla for about a year. I have been seeing Dr. Natalie Kadin ENT. Every other month I was getting sick with sinus infections as well as ear aches. Dr. Kadin is the best doctor ever she talked about different options and we decided to have surgery done. I am 4 days post op and am doing well. I go back in a week to have the stints taken out. The staff at the surgical center were amazing, I was super nervous and they where super sweet. They got me prepped and them my mom came back till I went in. My nurse that got me ready was super sweet, then the OR nurse came in and talked about that was next, then Anesthetist Dr.Coleman came in and talked to me how I would fall asleep and she would keep me safe. Last but not lest was Dr. Kadin she help calm my fears and take about the surgery, I was ready to go so there I walked in to the OR. I got on the table and they got me all ready and then I fell asleep. Then I was walking up with nurse right there. Helping me, I took forever to wake up and they even had to have Dr. Coleman to help. I was ready to head home and now I am on the mend. Ucla is the best when it come to care, all the doctors can see everything at one they might even know each other. Doctors and nurses are super special and I am thankful that I had the very best taking care of me.