Best ENT ever Part 3

UCLA Health article

I am typing this 2-day postop, A huge shoutout to UCLA Surgical​ center thousand​ oaks​ CA. I have been a patient of Dr. Natalie Kadin for about 2 an​d half years. I have been​ struggling​ with​h breathing​ and allergies for about my entire life. Dr. Kadin was amazing from day one. She walked into​ the room with a bright smile and I knew right then I had found an amazing Doctor. This is my second ENT surgery and Yes I am in pain and on day 2 but I can already tell that my ears are better. I ended up having my estation​ tubes opened and had tubes put in as well and adenoids​ removed. Anyone who has had surgery​ knows it's​ scary and with a pandemic​ happing it's​ even worse. No one is allowed​ to come in and be with you. I was thankful​ that the nurses ​were​ so welcoming​ as I went back and got changed​ Then I meet my nurse Jacqueline she came and explained she was going to be taken care of me. I was really nervous​ and she helped me feel better. Everything​ she did she talked to me and let me know what was next. Later I meet the OR nurse​ and the anesthesiologist​ too. Then my favorite Doctor in the entire world came in and talked to me and made sure I was doing ok. I was given the all-clear​ and headed in the OR. Let me just say that getting up the courage to walk into​ an OR is not as easy as it seems. I got adjusted​ and they started​ getting me all hooked​ up. I started to panic and was super unsure what was going to happen next. I just remember​ the nurse telling me to relax um... easier said then done. The nurse point the other way and I saw Dr. Kadin she was right there, She held my hand as I fell asleep​. The next thing i was doing was drinking apple juice in the wake-up​​ ​ room and Nurse Jaqueline​ was right there just like she said she would​ be. I always take a very long time to wake up, she just stayed with me until​ I was more awake. When it was time to leave she helped me get ready and took me out to meet my mom. She told my mom that there were​ prescriptions​ for me at the pharmacy​ that we need to pick up. The next day we got a message from Dr. Kadin checking in to see how I was doing also nurse Jacqueline called as ​well. I can not say how safe I feel inside​ the​ surgery center. The staff nurses and doctors​ was great and took the ​time to make me feel less nervous. Thanks to all the nurses, doctors,​ and staff for making sure my surgery was easier​ to go through​. A huge thank you to My Favorite Dr. Kadin for being the Best Doctor in the world!!!!!