Breathing Easier

UCLA Health article

It was my great good fortune to get an appointment to be seen by Dr. Biren Kamdar, who patiently and cordially had me describe my breathing difficulties. He also picked up on my anxieties, in a way that reduced them.

There was nothing quick or superficial in his review. Just the opposite, in fact. Dr. Kamdar went back through my history: the visits, diagnoses, and treatments. He noted the scans, the findings, and the prescriptions. He went over the radiologist’s and PA’s reports in a way that evidenced his ready grasp of that history, and appreciation for what his colleagues had found and recommended.

With that ready grasp of what had gone before, the questions Dr. Kamdar asked evidenced an appreciation for my difficulties and a genuine interest in what seemed to have provided relief. There was ample opportunity for me to then formulate my questions, to follow up on his helpful insights, and thus seek from him further guidance and advice (which has been most helpful).

When I contacted him subsequently, he responded readily and most helpfully – and with the encouragement I was pleased to receive.