Compassionate Care

UCLA Health article

Dr. Yvette Bordelon has been caring for me for the past four years. I have a rare neurological disorder which very few physicians, including myself before my diagnosis, are familiar with. I was referred to Dr. Bordelon because she has some familiarity with my condition and she agreed to take me on. She has worked with me to tailor my treatment regimen, which involved monthly infusions of intravenous immunoglobulin. As I continued to improve we cautiously decided to reduce the frequency and amount of treatment. Along the way, Dr Bordelon was always willing to be flexible and help guide me in deciding how to adjust my treatment. Today I am doing well off therapy and continue to check in with her twice a year.

At every clinic visit, Dr Bordelon greets me warmly and spends time finding out how I am doing. After examining me and getting my update, we would work together to determine our next steps. She has always been willing to partner with me in my health care delivery and give me confidence in her excellent care. I am grateful to have Dr. Bordelon as my physician.