Eli Feingold

UCLA Health article

Hometown: Agoura Hills, CAGame: UCLA vs. Stanford

Eli’s time at UCLA Health has been nothing short of a journey, but he and his family can always say that they are special members of the Bruin Family.

Eli was born with Gaucher’s disease, a very rare, genetic metabolic disorder. This means that Eli is missing an enzyme that breaks down certain types of fatty substances (lipids). These lipids can build up in organs such as your spleen and liver.

The doctors at UCLA have been able to treat Eli’s disorder with enzyme replacement therapy, which makes him sit around the hospital for long periods of time.

The treatment has given Eli the ability to live his life normally. Those around him would have no idea that he has gone through any challenges; his personality is filled with energy as he conveys excitement and imagination with everyone he comes into contact with.

For Eli’s Kid Captain experience, UCLA Health invited Eli and his family to partake in a special day at a UCLA Gymnastics meet. Eli got to see warm ups on the floor and he was even apart of the startling line-ups as he followed the introduction of UCLA Gymnastics star Katelyn Ohashi.

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