Elven's Story - Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve Patient Story, Temecula CA
Elven's Story - Gastric Sleeve, Before and After Photos
Elven's Story - Before and After Gastric Sleeve Surgery at UCLA

Weight Loss Surgery: Sleeve Gastrectomy - Total Lost: 177 pounds lost so far*

*Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results. Read disclaimer | More patient stories

"Dr. Chen is #1 in the world!" —Elven, Temecula, CA

Dear UCLA Bariatric Team,

I don’t know where to start, you saved my life! Thank you from the bottom of my of heart.

I begun my journey with you weighing in at 420lbs, in just under 1 year I managed to get down to 220 lbs. That’s right! 200 lb loss. All my bloodwork #’s are phenomenal, and most importantly I have ditched GOUT! I’m at my 1 year, and halfway point to attain my goal. I plan to lose another 25lbs as my goal weight is 195 lbs. I plan to get skin surgery, followed by a few other milestones, I want to step on stage and compete in a transformation bodybuilding show.

My brother is a pro bodybuilder, and will be guiding me through that. Sorry for such a long testimonial, but there is not 1 day that goes by that I don’t pray and thank everyone of you @ucla BARIATRICS team, Dr Chen is #1 in the world. I would be honored to speak or rep your team in any campaign or be an ambassador for your team as it saved my life.

Love you all, and thank you again!!!

P.S. I was just offered to be Premier Protein upcoming 2024 ambassador.
Such huge news I just received yesterday.


Elven's Story - Before Gastric Sleeve
Elven Before Gastric Sleeve
Elven's Story - After Gastric Sleeve
Elven After Gastric Sleeve

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