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Helena is an active, energetic and enthusiastic young girl with a kind heart. Following stomach surgery, Helena asked only for art supplies on her 9th birthday – and promptly donated it all to UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

“They were so nice to me that I wanted to give something back,” she says.

A year earlier, Helena developed appendicitis and had her appendix removed. But five months later, she was experiencing severe stomach pain and came via ambulance to UCLA.

“It was in my stomach and it hurt really bad. I had to get in my bed and curl up in a ball,” Helena says.

Doctors performed emergency abdominal surgery to remove a bowel obstruction, and Helena emerged from the procedure pain-free. She returned to UCLA again five months later, and although she didn’t need surgery this time, she spent a few days in the hospital for additional tests and recovery.

During both her stays at UCLA, Helena enjoyed drawing, painting and playing games with the staff. Not only did her time at the hospital inspire Helena’s thoughtful birthday donation, she now wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Congratulations to Helena on being recognized as a Kid Captain! UCLA is honored to care for Helena and her family.

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